Chivhayo Breathes Fire Over Leaked Audios
12 June 2024
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By Political Correspondent- Controversial businessman and Zanu PF sympathiser Wicknell Chivhayo is outraged over the release of two leaked audios in which he is allegedly heard boasting about his influence over the first family.

The audios circulating on social media feature Chivhayo bragging about being untouchable and claiming he can influence the President to grant him government tenders.

They also mention senior government officials and the CIO Boss as accomplices in helping him loot national resources through these tenders.

In a statement on Wednesday, Chivhayo, now under scrutiny from authorities for divulging these secrets, denied being the person speaking in the audio.

Part of his statement reads:

Whilst the content of the alleged voice messages is undoubtedly false and deliberately fabricated, I understand the adverse impression that it has created on certain sensitive offices in both Government and the private sector. In particular, one of the offensive remarks made in these fake voice messages is that certain payment was to be made to a “DG” and another to “moms”. These terms have regrettably been ascribed to certain offices within structures of Government, and have been understood by the public to refer to a Director General. The remarks bear an undesirable effect of giving an impression that these authorities are involved in corruption or participate in illicit transactions. It is public knowledge that the only extent of my donations of 20 thousand USD were towards the ED UNZA Scholarship in 2023 and the Angel of Hope Foundation as both organisations dovetail with my philanthropic work. For the avoidance of doubt, I have never paid the Head of State, the First Lady or any other Government official anything outside of the two donations that I have referred to above. Related to this, I do not hold or exert any influence or control over the President, the First Lady, the First Family, Government officials or any public entity. I am an ordinary card-carrying member of ZANU PF, which I proudly support