Zanu PF Hardliners Crucify Wicknell Chivayo
12 June 2024
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Source : Operation Restore Legacy

Sir Wicknel Chivhayo First Audio Transcript

Sometimes I ignore because onced I say good morning members, you are now rushing to hold a meeting and expect money from me, Mpofu is now wishing to possibly receive money like USD2million. USD3million!

I will be wanting these deals to give you like US$100,000; it keeps you going how many times have I gotten you payments?

These payments this week I am getting another one which is US$5.2 million and then we start on all the other project.

There is one for the Police and there is a new one for Immigration.

The money is your pension you don’t need to be greedy to try and claim higher.

What I said is bring new work [because] this state-entity I have captured it with my bare hands, like dzvii! Not an imagination.

When he went to Italy, I was to the airport and he held my hands and said my son escorted me to the jets doors and I walked him over there once we got to the plane’s door after he had finished greeting the two vice president he returned to me and waved at me and said I will call you when I get to Italy my son.

So I am telling you that I am right inside, and I’m telling you to take advantage of that.

Don’t try and eat in what I have done myself or what caused us problems in the past, Eat it, my friend.

How can you cry?

You’re saying you want school fees money?

Yesterday I bought watches worth 2.2 million rands.

I will send you the video right now, 2.2 million South African rands; But you cry about school fees.

So now let me tell you my friend you fell out with your boss (murungu).

But if the murungu has accepted us back, let’s get whatever is there to keep you going.

Because what is difficult for us business people is running costs: you want to go there where you leave US$2000.

Your small house is troubling you, and you leave US$1000.

At home today is the 1st of the month, your wife is troubling you, the bills have piled up and you leave US$5000 and say here is the money.

The school fees let’s say it is US$10,000 or US$20,000. It is nothing!, pay, pay, pay: You are finished.

Your truck business, Mpofu, maybe things are not working well but then pops up this passive income that keeps you going.

That’s what I thought.

I said fine let me reconnect with these guys.

Because I could easily strike a new deal and we have a large lump sum of money, that will suffocate you; right now right now there is a drought- we will just create a structure and all of a sudden we are now recognized as people who are supplying the whole country with grain, and we just throw in the application and it is said that the grain is being supplied by a company called Militech, it is the one that is supplying all the grain.

It is the one that has won the contract.

Whom!, advance payment: and we are all of a sudden now starting to function.

And by the way, our technique is that of advance payments, we are trusted are you forgetting, that we are the boss’ children? Do you see now?

So I need a team like that.

Yes, I’ve got my own projects.

I have so many projects that I am chasing, but, I need a team like you that we can share ideas together, to say this we are hitting it this way and then then that one we are hitting it that way;

Yes, it is my project alone but the payments you will get them, when you have your people over there, I will give you money for some drinks, oh no guys here is US$50,000 take it for now;

Oh no here is US$100,000, we want to go for holiday to go to South Africa and then we say we go there next week;

I even told Victor my boys I am now agreeing with them, they even came here angry saying “we want our cars back!,” they said.

They even came and they were angry while with Mike [Chimombe], and said talk to your boss (your murungu), Talk to your boss talk to your boss!

But then now I lose all strength and say these people oh God, you know I did not want to walk away from them, without creating their US$10 million, for each person.

And now look at them and understand that the levels have shifted from [or since] election time I am now 10 times higher than I was then if not [20 times].

So the levels have shifted so you have been left behind if only you had traveled with me, step-by-step we would be here all of us so you have to give it time, then isn’t it?

Be patient then;

Let us wait for another three months let us get closer what has been given as it is okay let us keep quiet.

Keep silent while we wait for another job, hovering around for another government ministry project.

I just thought let me say good morning it is food for thought, there is no one I am insulting, have a good day.