Zanu PF Silences Chivhayo, Cuts His Long Tail
12 June 2024
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By Political Reporter- Zanu PF Youth league has come gun blazing for the controversial businessman Wicknell Chivhayo, who they said was using President Emmerson Mnangagwa to loot state resources.

Chivhayo, a controversial figure known for his flamboyant lifestyle and unsubstantiated claims, had long benefited from a perceived shield provided by his alleged connections with President Dambudzo Mnangagwa.

These claims, now widely circulated on social media, have drawn the ire of the ZANU PF Youth League, who have made it clear that such behaviour will no longer be tolerated.

In a strongly worded statement, the Youth League condemned Chivhayo’s “malicious, unfounded, and scandalous utterances,” asserting that his supposed closeness to the President was nothing more than a fabrication designed for his self-aggrandizement. The Youth League, while acknowledging the donations Chivhayo has made to society, emphasized that his contributions did not entitle him to besmirch the reputation of Zimbabwe’s revered leader.

“Whilst the Youth League appreciates donations that Mr. Chivhayo has been giving to the members of our society, in his own capacity as an ordinary citizen, and, although we do not know the source of his income, let it be firmly known that as the vanguard of ZANU PF, we will not just sit and watch the name of our most revered leader being tarnished by such malcontents for their own self-aggrandizement,” read the statement.
The message was unambiguous: President Mnangagwa’s open-door policy, which encourages engagement with the citizenry, is not a license for abuse. Chivhayo’s actions were seen as a blatant exploitation of this policy, a transgression the Youth League is determined to curb.
“We have realized that Mr. Wicknell Chivhayo has abused his access to the leadership. Let it be known by whoever concerned that our tried and tested leader is a statesman of the highest caliber and integrity,” the Youth League asserted, signaling a significant shift in the political landscape.
This pronouncement is more than a rebuke; it marks the end of Chivhayo’s political immunity. No longer protected by his claims of high-level connections, he now stands vulnerable to legal action. The Youth League’s statement is a clear indication that the era of impunity for Chivhayo is over.
With the Youth League’s backing, authorities are expected to investigate Chivhayo’s actions thoroughly. His claims, which once brought him notoriety and a semblance of untouchability, are now the very reasons he faces the possibility of jail. The legal system is poised to scrutinize his every move, ensuring that justice prevails and that no one is above the law.
Chivhayo’s fall from grace serves as a stark reminder that political connections, whether real or fabricated, are not a guarantee of perpetual protection. The Youth League’s unwavering stance reflects a broader commitment to integrity and accountability within ZANU PF and Zimbabwe’s political sphere.