Mnangagwa Unleashes CIO On Wicknell Chivhayo
13 June 2024
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By James Gwati- The feared Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) has initiated a probe into the illicit dealings and name-dropping antics of convicted fraudster and Zanu PF supporter Wicknell Chivhayo, ZimEye can reveal.

In a recently leaked audio, Chivhayo brazenly mentioned the Director General of the CIO as a recipient of his ill-gotten gains.

He has also publicly claimed ownership over President Emmerson Mnangagwa, boasting of his ability to manipulate government tenders in his favour.

Sources within the state security housed at Harare Central Police Station told that an investigation into Chivhayo’s declarations has been launched.

“We have been instructed to interview him about all that he is claiming to be doing so that it becomes clear to the public. We believe he is being overzealous to mention those people, and we believe there is a reason he is doing this, and that’s what we want to establish,” said sources close to the investigation team.

On Thursday, the Government announced plans to crack down on individuals who exploit the names of senior officials to intimidate others and legitimise their corruption.

“The Government is sending a very stern warning to individuals with a predisposition to name-dropping and braggadocio for purposes of inflating their social and political importance. The Government stands ready to institute legal action on all individuals who abuse the names of senior State officials. Law enforcement will be deployed without partiality on all those abusing the veneer of public institutions and high-ranking Government officials to give cover for their mischief,” Information Minister Jenfan Muswere declared in a statement.

Wednesday evening, the Zanu PF Youth League rebuked Chivhayo in a strongly worded statement, condemning his “malicious, unfounded, and scandalous utterances.”

The Youth League asserted that Chivhayo’s alleged closeness to the President was a fabrication for self-aggrandisement.

This pronouncement signals the end of Chivhayo’s political immunity.

His bold claims, once a source of notoriety and perceived untouchability, now threaten to land him in jail.

Chivhayo’s downfall serves as a stark reminder that political connections, whether real or fabricated, are not a guarantee of perpetual protection.

Once a figure of high-profile meetings and lavish donations on behalf of Zanu PF, his fall from grace underscores the precarious nature of power and influence.