Zimbabwe: The Case For Financial Genocide And Terrorism
15 June 2024
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Dr Raymond Chamba | No societies and nations are free from crime. There is a fine difference between common, passing and normal acts of thievery within any business operation, and there is a most chilling, structured mechanism to prejudice a nation of their expected national development potential. The latter is what obtains in Zimbabwe where a wholesale criminal enterprise has taken over the work of government- exerting an intolerable, insufferable and evil extraction mechanism to the cost of doing business.

Dr Raymond Chamba

The private tollgates for creaming off benefits to all levels of government contracting, enabled by strategic appointments of people within the cycle of decision making on examination of recent reports of gross malfeasance cannot be called corruption anymore. By the fact and effect of its painful impact on a nation with arrested development it’s best explained as a form of genocide and financial terrorism on the rampage.

Reports of a structured existence of “Mr 10%” for all government payments make for most sad reading. Let’s compute total government expenditure since September, 2018 on his assumption of office then come up with a most minimal figure of the private toll gate that this man and his cartel have put up at the very heart of government. If reports are founded this cannot be an anomaly but the very reason that person was put there- to cream off payments for a cartel.

The sensational Wicknell Chivharo is actually nothing more than a blubber mouth and indeed small fry given the ernomity of these levels of structured corruption as reported and alleged. Dear Zimbabwean citizens- we are being led by a government of crooks, for crooks, and cheered on and defended by crooks. Tiri kutongwa nembavha. There is no refined way to put it…..

In terms of the quantum of fraudulent behaviour relative to our economy we cannot talk about thieving anymore because it amounts to genocide in terms of the toll it takes on the fiscus and the net prejudice to the ordinary citizens in terms of reduced healthcare, bad roads, education delivery, unemployment and all the negative human development indicators that point to a society under financial seige from those that are charged with giving it political and economic direction.

By all preliminary indications the fiscus must have been prejudiced of not less than USD$12 billion since 2018. Since local action has failed to stem the tide of rampant financial thuggery, the time to take this to international bodies is now. lts not just big fraudulent behaviour but the great potential of proceeds being used to fund and
promote illicit activities like terrorism, mineral smuggling, drug trade and human trafficking.

What’s taking place is something bigger and more sinister than commercial malfeasance. Its a whole brazen construction of criminal enterprise for the express purpose of perpetuationg other far bigger and uglier global malcontence of the highest order. These are not just incompetent and socio-political and economic indifferent people…

By all actions of commission and commission we are talking about an active satanic and evil kingdom activated. Something has to give and soonest lest we have country to speak of. What we see before our very eyes is financial genocide and terrorism perpetrated against the hapless citizens of Zimbabwe by a committed small criminal enterprise sect of political Mandarins defined by an even narrow group of related families….

Dr Raymond Chamba