President Mnangagwa Smashed Into A Blue Dam By 4 Trusted ZANU PF Sociallites
16 June 2024
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By Baba Jukwa | LYRICAL NEWS

The Curious Case of His Excellency: A Tale of Trust and Treachery

In a tale that seems to have leapt straight from the pages of a political thriller, His Excellency Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, President of Zimbabwe, finds himself ensnared in a web of deceit spun by a gang of four highly trusted socialites. This quartet, comprising the flamboyant businessman Wicknell Chivayo, the astute strategist Sengezo Tshabangu, the controversial prophet Uebert Angel, and the vibrant social media personality Mai Titi, has been pushing the president into a precarious situation involving a metaphorical blue dam river known as DA.

Characters pushing ED into the river

The Intriguing Cast

Wicknell Chivayo: Known for his ostentatious lifestyle and shrewd business maneuvers, Chivayo has long been a figure of both admiration and suspicion. His vast network and financial influence make him a powerful ally and a formidable adversary.

Sengezu Tshabangu: The brains behind many political machinations, Tshabangu is a master of strategy. His ability to navigate complex political landscapes and orchestrate events behind the scenes is legendary.

Uebert Angel: The prophet whose sermons often blur the lines between spirituality and politics, Angel’s influence extends deep into the hearts and minds of many Zimbabweans. His enigmatic presence and persuasive oratory make him a key player in this convoluted plot.

Mai Titi: The queen of social media, Mai Titi’s charm and wit have garnered her a massive following. Her ability to sway public opinion through her platforms is unmatched, making her an invaluable asset to the gang.

The Devious Plot

The plot unfolds like a gripping cartoon graphic, with the four conspirators squeezed into a tiny car, hurtling towards the edges of the blue Limpopo River. Their goal: to metaphorically crash Mnangagwa into the depths of the DA, a murky expanse representing political oblivion.

In this vivid cartoon, each character plays their part to perfection. Chivayo, behind the wheel, drives with reckless abandon, symbolizing his brazen approach to business and politics. Tshabangu navigates with a map of convoluted schemes, his eyes gleaming with the thrill of the chase. Angel sits in the back, whispering prophecies that sow seeds of doubt and confusion. Meanwhile, Mai Titi leans out of the window, broadcasting live to her followers, narrating the unfolding drama with a mix of humor and urgency.

The Blue Dam River: DA

The DA, or “Dangerous Abyss,” is a perilous political landscape where many have lost their footing. It represents the culmination of backroom deals, broken trusts, and treacherous alliances. For Mnangagwa, being pushed into the DA means facing a political downfall orchestrated by those he once considered allies.

The Dramatic Conclusion

As the cartoon car nears the river’s edge, a dramatic twist ensues. Mnangagwa, ever the cunning tactician, unveils a plan of his own. Just as the car is about to plunge into the blue waters, he leaps out, leaving the gang to their watery fate. In a masterstroke of political acumen, he turns the tables, exposing their plot to the public and emerging stronger than before.

The Aftermath

The fallout from this high-stakes drama sends shockwaves through Zimbabwe’s political landscape. Chivayo, Tshabangu, Angel, and Mai Titi find themselves facing the consequences of their betrayal. Mnangagwa’s escape from the brink of disaster solidifies his position and reaffirms his reputation as a survivor in the ruthless world of politics.


This fantastical narrative, while rooted in imaginative fiction, echoes the real-world intrigues that often define political arenas. It serves as a reminder of the ever-present dangers of misplaced trust and the resilience required to navigate the treacherous waters of leadership. His Excellency Mnangagwa’s brush with the blue dam river DA is a testament to his enduring prowess and the unpredictable nature of political fortunes.

What did you learn from this LIVE tale? – Baba Jukwa