17 June 2024
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By Dr Raymond Chamba | It gives some hope that there are still some adults and committed patriots on the room amidst the descend into orgies of unbridled public corruption that reaches to the highest levels and stinks to the high heavens. May the response of ZACC and other state security organs be instructive and decisive.

The importance of meticulously documenting acts of gross corruption cannot be over-emphasized as the days of reckoning are certain and drawing near. Zimbabwe- the nation, is far too important and too big to readily and without consequence fit into the dirty pockets of the political mad dogs 🐕 in our midst.

Dr Raymond Chamba

Those who go around telling everyone that there is a new Munhumutapa King must take heed in that their days are numbered and the last hours shall be well documented. There is noone bigger than the collective interest, nomatter how committed there can be a drive to rewrite our glorious national history.

The essence of who we are as a people cannot be the domain of animated caricatured narrations at drug and whisky fuelled binges on any farm or platform. Chero ukakwira nemabhodho emazondo mundege uchadzika pasi chete wakamirirwa neruzhinji ruchida kukumhanyisa. Varidzi venyika vakatanangira mumakomo, nzizi nemakura vachasimudza vachakuninipisa. Zinwamhanga Mira…..

A most rude awakening awaits those who have chosen to flagrantly betray their oath of public office, their revolutionary mandate, the bleeding heart of their conscience and the cries for natural justice by the majority. Your Indian, South Korean, Belarusian, Great Lakes, South African mercenaries will not be enough to stem the tide of rising mass angst. Muchadura. Makajaidzwa. Muchapondwa…. and it’s not any title to a Thomas Mapfumo new song….

I hear thunder. I see lightning, the dark clouds of Karma are gathering. The smoke signals of a people fed up and rising up for a leadership they deserve are clear from every mountain top of warning. For far too long you have taken our people for granted. Your indiscretions private and public deserve a most inglorious ending.The wings of the new financing rotund and their forgetful political dotards of enablers need a most urgent trimming if not amputation.

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice”- Martin Luther King, Jr. History will judge those who are charged with seeing to our national security quite harshly if they don’t act quickly and resolutely against the uncheckered appetites of the hungry and gap toothed among us….

The pulse of public recrimination has the streets calling. You can’t stop the harsh diarrhea of public indignation with the one play tissue of catch and release….

The only open gateway for the nation to move forward in peace and prosperity is in President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa tendering a quick resignation. This will be to salvage whatever is left of your legacy, your personal and family security plus protection of extended financial interests.

Respectfully, Murambwi musakanganisira mhuri yenyu nokusiya maizora matuzvi ecorruption. I publicly speak out of love. You know me…..

Dr Raymond Chamba