Government Cracks-down On Betting Shops
19 June 2024
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By Sports Reporter- The government has announced its intention to close betting shops proliferating in major towns and cities across the country.

The rapid increase in betting and gaming shops is largely attributed to the rising unemployment rate.

Many youths are now spending their time in these establishments, relying on betting as a source of income.

Civil servants, too, have turned to bets to supplement their meagre salaries.

This week, Home Affairs Minister Kazembe Kazembe issued a statement declaring that all unlicensed betting shops would be shut down.

Minister Kazembe’s statement reads:

“It has come to the notice and attention of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage that certain individuals and entities are establishing gaming operations and setting up gaming shops and/or casinos without the approval of the Lotteries and Gaming Board of Zimbabwe, as required by law.

“Section 31 of the Lotteries and Gaming Act, Chapter 10:26, prohibits such conduct. Setting up betting shops or casinos without the requisite approvals and conducting unsanctioned gaming operations is illegal.

“It also poses a serious risk to public safety as the unsuspecting people of Zimbabwe are the targets and victims of this flagrant violation of the law.

“The Ministry has also noted that some unscrupulous operators have built or equipped casinos without the enabling documents from the Lotteries and Gaming Board.

“The Government will not tolerate any unlawful gaming activities within the borders of the country. Any persons or organizations found wanting in this regard will face the full wrath of the law.

“The public is urged to report such operations to the Lotteries and Gaming Board or the nearest police station.

“The Ministry acknowledges the tremendous efforts being made by the Lotteries and Gaming Board in regulating the gaming industry. Working with key enforcement agents in the country, the Board will take the most robust enforcement actions against any and all illegal gaming operations.

“This will result in the immediate shutdown of any unlicensed casinos, gaming shops, or other betting facilities, as well as the prosecution of those responsible.

“The government of Zimbabwe is committed to maintaining order, upholding the law, and protecting the national interest.”