Zimbos Top Betting Sites Viewership
21 June 2024
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By Sports Reporter- Zimbabweans are increasingly turning to betting sites, a trend driven by economic hardships that have eroded their earnings.

This has made betting sites the most visited websites in Zimbabwe, unlike other countries such as Mauritius, where research-related websites dominate internet traffic.

Evidence Mazhindu, Deputy Director of CIRT and Enforcement at the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ), highlighted this trend in Gweru during a recent Sensitisation and Awareness Workshop on the Cyber and Data Protection Act. Mazhindu noted:

“Mauritius has the highest security posture in Africa. Zimbabwe is currently ranked eighth, but we are improving with all the Government initiatives. When we look at the top 10 websites in Mauritius, two of them are research-based. In contrast, Zimbabwe’s top sites include betting and Facebook. This raises concerns about our direction as a society.
We need substantial research grants and resources for young talents to engage in productive activities. An idle mind is the Devil’s workshop. Providing practical channels and conduits for these individuals to contribute to national, governmental, and educational efforts is crucial.”

Economic difficulties have pushed many Zimbabweans, particularly the young and unemployed, towards sports betting and gambling as alternative income sources.

The rise of mobile betting and improved internet access has further fueled the growth of the sports betting market in Zimbabwe, making it more accessible and convenient.