Guvamatanga 30% Bribe Payments for Every Govt Transaction
30 June 2024
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By D Raymond Chamba | Following a long two week, wait, Finance And Economic Ministry Permanent Secretary George Guvamatanga is still to comment over serious allegations of charging 10% for every government contract payment.

The net has tightened up, with fresh reports citing he is now charging over 30% per transaction.

“He has escalated the tollgate to 30% on account of low supply of foreign currency, anokuti mari haisikufamba, hakuna mari, so if you want to recrive, you have to pay 30%,” a source tells ZimEye.

George Guvamatanga

Intelligence reports point to a souring relations between him and his boss, David Kudakwashe Mnangagwa, the latter who is having a hard time putting a check to alleged corruption in the treasury.

To some inside observers it comes as no surprise that the Deputy Minister is a victim of many unexplained incidents at his home.

This could well be a sustained revenge attack from a corrupt cartel, a source suggested to ZimEye.

By all indications, David Mnangagwa is not only an astute professsional and noted intellectual, but perhaps the most upright person in the Mnangagwa clan, an observer said.

George Guvamatanga

Guvamatanga has a well known private office in Ballantyne Park where he levies people between 10%-30% for the release of their funds from any government business, on account of shortages of foreign currency.

Guvamatanga was appointed to his current position in September, 2018. Preliminary and conservative financial estimates would point to a net corruption loss of not less than USD$20 billion.