Tshabangu Bribed To ‘Kill’ Chamisa
1 July 2024
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By Political Reporter- Self-imposed Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) interim secretary-general, Sengezo Tshabangu, was bribed by the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) to kill Nelson Chamisa’s political career, it has emerged.

In this operation, Tshabangu collaborated with retired brigadier-general Walter Tapfumaneyi, deputy director-general of the CIO and leader of the Forever Associates Zimbabwe (FAZ), an organisation implicated in helping Zanu PF rig the 23 August 2023 general election.

A local news organisation revealed that Tshabangu and Tapfumaneyi coordinated strategies and resources for an operation aimed at destabilising the CCC, discrediting Chamisa, and engineering by-elections to secure Zanu PF a two-thirds majority in Parliament.

Tshabangu received logistical and financial support from the CIO through FAZ, with reports suggesting that at least US$1 million was allocated for his expenses and luxury stays in Harare.

Speaker of the National Assembly, Jacob Mudenda, allegedly supported Tshabangu’s efforts to recall CCC MPs, disregarding Chamisa’s authority.

When Tshabangu’s steering committee, responsible for organising the recalls, attempted to remove him, Mudenda refused to intervene, asserting that he would not meddle in CCC’s internal politics.

Despite multiple attempts, the committee’s efforts to replace Tshabangu with Tshuma as the interim chairperson were unsuccessful.

Following his fallout with the steering committee, Tshabangu began attending high-profile state functions presided over by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, publicly praising the government. An intelligence source disclosed that Tapfumaneyi and FAZ orchestrated the operation to dismantle the CCC and manage Tshabangu. When misunderstandings arose, the CIO briefly cut ties with Tshabangu, prompting him to seek assistance from Zanu PF members and CIO operatives to resolve the issues. He eventually reconciled with the CIO and continued his efforts to weaken the opposition.
Tshabangu’s motivations included revenge for being sidelined by Chamisa within the CCC. In his quest, he not only disrupted the CCC but also gained personal benefits, including money, a car, and a position in the Senate. Several opportunistic individuals who collaborated with Tshabangu also profited from the CIO operation.