ARMY VIDEO: Hopewell Calls On All Zimbabweans To Stop Trusting Chamisa, Opposition
3 July 2024
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By Investigations Reporter | At a time when there has been a lot of Chamisa inspired state-level transformation, including total regime change in Emmerson Mnangagwa’s home country in the last three years, controversial activist Hopewell Chin’ono has called on people to drop their faith in the opposition he says has failed to speak out against military threats. Ironically, this is the same opposition group that Chin’ono has advised the military to descend on regularly since 2018, as he tells the Ministry of Defence this must be done in order to reduce or “avoid tension.”

Hopewell Chinino’a advice to army to descend on Chamisa

In the period from 2018 to 2024, Chin’ono has been advising the military to regularly descend onto the civi society, while accusing the Nelson Chamisa-led opposition of being tension-nists requiring regular attacks by the army.

Since the 28th of May 2020, before his first arrest by the military government he advises, Chin’ono has also been executing “do nothing” algorithm attacks against the opposition’s conversations, a cluster of “saka muchaita sei?” (Shona words) he has subtly coordinated together with ZANU PF propagandists Passion Java, Wicknell Chivayo, and Uebert Angel, which are meant to demoralize and confuse civil society so that they lose faith in their ability to innovate initiatives to change their politics the way civilians of other countries, such as Zambia, Kenya, and South Africa, have. 

The following screen print shows how Chin’ono’s first “do nothing” algorithm attack on the 28th of May 2020, containing military threats by Mnangagwa, was merely self-promotional to announce himself as the “Daddy” who can fix everything. His last “do nothing” attack, up to the first GoldMafia documentary broadcasts, was on the 14th of April 2023, when he harassed the parliamentary-prosecutors of the wrongdoing, the opposition, by hashing them down with the same statement.

Hopewell Chin’ono’s “do nothing” military harrassments


The impact of Hopewell Chin’ono’s “do nothing/ muchaita sei” attacks on online search interest for the investigation

Writing on Tuesday, Chin’ono, who has changed his own surname (Mukusha) after his best friends were convicted of serious money laundering, called on Zimbabweans to ditch faith in the Nelson Chamisa-led opposition. He said he will not participate in any electioneering as there are no reforms in Zimbabwe, which he said the opposition has failed to effect.

As a military state, Zimbabwe has had no electoral reforms at all since 1897, historians reveal.

He wrote in full, saying:

“Dear Zimbabweans,

After listening to the speech by the commander of the Zimbabwean army, General Anselem Nhamo Sanyatwe, and experiencing the silence from Zimbabwe’s key opposition leaders after its release, I am sorry to say I will never get myself involved in elections ever again until reforms are done!

I will also not invest my time and money mobilising youths to register to vote for elections whose outcomes are predetermined, NEVER AGAIN!

What the General said is unconstitutional, but it is our lived reality.

Elections are rigged, and we don’t have a strong opposition that can fight back!

The General’s statements basically confirm what many of us have said for years, that Zimbabwe’s elections are a farce, a theater production where the script and the ending have been written in advance by the ruling party.

Zimbabweans discussing Mr Hopewell Chin’ono online

A production where the ruling party candidate has the election results in his pocket before the date of the election.

And when the opposition fails to speak out against such blatant threats, it is easy for our people to lose faith in the democratic process, I am sorry to tell that I have lost that faith!”

Meanwhile, Chin’ono has also been claiming to the army that the entire civil society is corrupt, while at the side saying they are poor and should not question him because none of them has a house like him.

These claims have led people to want to inquire concerning his property acquisitions, as his claims to wealth point to illicit wealth.

A quick check on Chin’ono’s background reveals inconsistent claims of a dishonest kind, and the ‘property acquisition boasting’ man who changed his own name when his best friends were convicted of money laundering has claimed he purchased his first home from a 1996 UK sportscar loan. When asked for the name of the funder bank or dealership, he replies, saying people who are asking him for this detail are being motivated by hate, just as he fails to name the institution for verification.

Hopewell Chin’ono’s Conflicting Wealth Claims Spark Controversy. 

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono is at the center of a growing controversy due to contradictory statements about his wealth’s origins, particularly surrounding a mysterious £50,000 credit and property ownership.

Chin’ono initially claimed his foray into property was funded by a £50,000 credit from a UK institution or company for a sports car in 1996. He recounted how Dr. Tendai Maboreke, a mentor, advised him to invest in real estate rather than luxury items, stating, “I was sitting in my £50,000 sports car as a confused 25-year-old… Dr. Maboreke asked if I knew I could buy a house in Zimbabwe for the same price. It changed my life.” Notably, Chin’ono has not disclosed the name of the UK institution or company that provided this significant credit, leading to speculation and questions about the legitimacy of this claim.

However, in a recent twist, Chin’ono has shifted his narrative to acquiring properties from selling cellphones between 2003-2006. He detailed the challenges and adaptability required for his mobile phone business in Zimbabwe, heavily relying on Air Zimbabwe for importing phones.

This stark contradiction in his stories has raised serious questions about the true source of Chin’ono’s wealth.

The lack of clarity is compounded by his avoidance of crucial questions regarding his financial history in a 2021 interview with Geoff Nyarota, and the mystery surrounding his first 10 years in the UK, where he changed his name from Mukusha.

Further complicating matters are allegations from multiple complainants of credit and cheque fraud committed by Chin’ono before his name change. A human rights activist from the NHS, critical of Chin’ono’s support from Nelson Chamisa’s opposition party, accused him of actions potentially harmful to Zimbabwe. Additionally, women from his high school days allege misconduct, and Dr. Maboreke’s family has expressed concerns about the use of their name in supporting his property claims.

The situation leaves the public and authorities grappling with numerous unanswered questions. The critical issue remains the unnamed UK institution that purportedly granted Chin’ono a £50,000 credit, a detail that could shed light on the origins of his property empire. This lack of transparency, coupled with the serious allegations against him, demands a thorough investigation into Chin’ono’s financial history and business dealings.

ANALYSIS | Before he discloses the UK institution he says sprung him into property ownership with a £50,000 credit for a sportscar in 1996 at the age of 25, political commentator Hopewell Chin’ono on 27 Dec 2023 rushed to announce another riveting colourful-claim, that he acquired properties rather from selling cellphones a decade later. He has now fast-forwarded his own story to 2003-6, way before disclosing the name of the UK institution that gave the immigrant £50,000 credit at 25 – a sports car which he exported to Zimbabwe without its log book and which he illegally sold so to buy his posh Chisipite home.

In all his social media postings, the man drops colourful inspirational claims that divert the reader from the main question which is the source of his £50,000 credit that he says sprung him into property affluence.

So far, Hopewell Chin’ono’s first 10 years during the period he changed his own name from Mukusha, remains mysterious and during interviews as the one done by his former employer, the respected investigative journalist Geoff Nyarota in 2021 (link below in the comments area), he failed the most basic proceeds of crime test, by avoiding answering the crucial questions on the origins of his money he used to change his name and acquire vast properties without a single salary wage paper trail to show for it.

So far, multiple complainants have come up some on full colour video to say they witnessed Hopewell Chin’ono doing both credit and cheque fraud before he changed his own name, and some of his own personal friends from those times were convicted of fraud in the range of millions of pounds.

One of the Complainants is a human rights activist working in the NHS who decided to dump Nelson Chamisa’s opposition party over its support for him when he was first arrested and slapped with dismissable political charges of incitement to violence in 2020, and she said back then Hopewell Chin’ono would soon destroy Zimbabwe, because what he did to her son (bullying him and his father on the WhatsApp platform) without remorse, if he does it to Zimbabwe, there won’t be a chance of a reversal.

Some of the Complainant’s are women who are speaking since his 1989 High School days at Marlborough, Harare where he allegedly bullied his own headmaster, Arison Chiware who had allowed him into the institution despite poor GCSEs.

Women since those days allege harrowing accounts of a sexual misconduct level. Last week, he posted an allegation accusing a politician (pointedly Nelson Chamisa) of paying the women who have been speaking since the days when Chamisa was a 9 year old minor.

To date, Dr Maboreke’s family has told ZimEye (recording below] they are concerned at the way he uses their family name to validate his claims of property ownership. (screenprints below)

Report by Simba Chikanza.