Harare Woman Loses Hubby To ZAOGA Church Elder
3 July 2024
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By A Correspondent| A Harare woman Vee Marylyn has exposed her husband for cheating her with a Zaoga church Elder whom they hired to do decor at her birthday party.

Vee Marylyn accused Caroline Mugarisanwa of snatching her husband Shepherd Chipatiko.

Below is the statement posted by Vee Marylyn on her Facebook page.

‘This message is for my friends and family. As most of you know that I was married to Shepherd Chipatiko. This is with great sadness to inform you that we are no longer together.
Shepherd Chipatiko was formerly married to the mother his first children which was his first wife before I met him. There after he has married & stayed with 2 other women in a space of 2 years before me which I only found out recently from his family but also no longer together.
Our marriage is the 3rd marriage in a space of 4 years and also has ended and he moved out of our matrimonial to cohabit with his new girlfriend at his new home. A lady by the name Caroline Mugarisanwa an Elder at ZAOGA who we hired to do my birthday decor last year September in my home and there after started cheating with my husband after my birthday.
I went through the worst time while he was cheating with this woman. I believe he may have his own version which he untruthfully tells to substantiate his marriage to this woman, but the above is what transpired.
Last Saturday after moving out of our home he has married this same woman Carol Mugarisanwa for the 4th time in a space of 4 years. Who is meant to be an Elder at ZAOGA.
I wish them the very best and may this message be the answer to anyone who has been having any questions and will not be mentioning it again.
My inbox is very full with questions I believe this will answer all or most of your questions.“