Tragic Accident Claims Lives of Gonyet Driver, Wife, and Baby Near Chirundu
3 July 2024
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Chirundu, Zimbabwe – Tragedy struck on the Chirundu highway today as an Alro Shipping truck driver, his wife, and their baby lost their lives in a devastating crash. The accident, which occurred in the early hours, involved the truck and another vehicle, resulting in a collision that left both vehicles beyond repair.

Witnesses reported that the truck was traveling northbound when it collided with an oncoming vehicle, leading to a catastrophic crash that claimed the lives of all occupants in the truck. The names of the victims have not yet been released, pending notification of next of kin.

The aftermath- pic: Road Watch Zimbabwe page

As the police continue their investigation and prepare an official statement, the nation has turned to social media to express grief and frustration over the incident. The condition of the Chirundu highway, a vital route for long-haul truck drivers, has come under intense scrutiny following the accident.

Barbara Goddard, a Zimbabwean who recently traveled through the area, shared her harrowing experience on social media, highlighting the perilous state of the road. “We were in Kariba last weekend. That road is horrendous. Trucks were actually battling some places to drive properly. Many were very respectful and trying to move over to allow smaller vehicles to pass safely. I couldn’t imagine having to try to drive that with a full load. Some of the side areas are just huge pits of death traps. Even a truck will flip if it got its wheels in there. We won’t be going back in a long while, I reckon. I pray for our long-distance drivers who have to use these roads… eish.”

Her sentiments echo those of many Zimbabweans who are calling for immediate action to repair and maintain the highway, which is critical for the country’s transport and logistics sector. The road’s deteriorating condition has been a long-standing issue, exacerbating the risk for drivers who navigate it daily.

The loss of the truck driver, his wife, and their baby is a stark reminder of the urgent need for infrastructure improvements. The Chirundu highway is a major artery for commerce, connecting Zimbabwe to neighboring Zambia and facilitating trade across the region. However, its current state poses a significant threat to the safety of all road users.

Local authorities and the Ministry of Transport are expected to address the concerns raised by citizens and outline steps to ensure the highway is made safer. Meanwhile, the community mourns the tragic loss and extends heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

As the nation awaits further details from the police investigation, this incident underscores the critical importance of road safety and infrastructure maintenance. The Chirundu highway, once a symbol of connectivity and economic vitality, now stands as a somber reminder of the potential consequences of neglecting essential public works.

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