Gorimbo vs Winky D, Open Fight On Facebook In Singer’s Absence
4 July 2024
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Harare, Zimbabwe – By Showbiz Reporter | ZimEye | In an explosive social media showdown on Wednesday, boxer Themba Gorimbo found himself in a virtual boxing ring with beloved musician Winky D, only to be knocked out by a wave of enraged fans. Gorimbo’s attempt to diminish Winky D as merely a local artist, while boasting of his own global stature, ignited a furious backlash that left him reeling and ultimately forced him to deactivate his Facebook account.

The match began when Gorimbo, seemingly throwing the first punch, posted a provocative message on Facebook: “Vanhu moda kundi jairira, mungandifanandiz e na Winky? Winky is local and I am global. Pane musiyano. Kana mazogara moziva local and global difference. Compare Winky nana Pashi.”

Fans quickly jumped into the ring, defending Winky D with relentless fervor. Like a well-coordinated team of corner men, they swarmed Gorimbo’s post, delivering a barrage of blows in the form of comments and shares that highlighted Winky D’s legendary status in Zimbabwean music.

Gorimbo, clearly unprepared for the intensity of the backlash, attempted to counterpunch by claiming his account was hacked: “Nhasi ndazarura hombe… Easy guys my account is hacked.”

But the fans were relentless, refusing to believe his claims and continuing their relentless assault. Gorimbo, now on the ropes, tried to pivot with another post: “Guys have you noticed ndotaura nonsense only pano pa Facebook and in Shona kkkkkk Because handidi vatengi vehwahwa vaone kana kuziva. Facebook haina translate. Plus ma boss ari ku instagram ne twitter. Ndangoti ndikuudzei. Imi pano pa Facebook hamuna basa… Muri vangu imi.”

This attempt to dodge the punches as ZimEye reveals only served to further enrage Winky D’s supporters. They unleashed a flurry of emotive responses, showcasing their unwavering loyalty and the deep respect they have for Winky D. The virtual arena buzzed with the energy of fans who were determined to protect their hero’s honor.

As the fight reached its climax, Gorimbo was overwhelmed by the sheer force of the fans’ unity and passion. He was left with no choice but to retreat, shutting down his Facebook account and conceding defeat to an absent yet ever-present opponent—Winky D, whose silence only amplified the power of his supporters.

In the aftermath of this digital brawl, one thing became clear: the power of a dedicated fanbase can be as formidable as any physical opponent. Gorimbo’s attempt to elevate himself at Winky D’s expense backfired spectacularly, highlighting the musician’s enduring legacy and the fierce devotion of his fans. This was not just a social media dispute; it was a knockout victory for Winky D in the eyes of the public.- ZimEye