George Charamba Defends Sanyatwe
5 July 2024
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By A Correspondent| Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba has defended Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander Anselem Sanyatwe over his remarks that they will sanction command voting if Zanu-PF’s power is threatened.

Posting on X, Charamba through his controversial dhonzamusoro account said military orders are not issued in villages to villagers but in barracks and military settings.

He said Sanyatwe was in his rural home and addressing a family gathering.

“Armies run on orders which are issued at parades and some such military settings. I am unaware of any order which is issued in a village and before villagers. Musatingwaudza nenyaya isipo. The General was in his home community and addressing his community-family. End of story. Kana wavhundutswa nezvakataurwa ipapo une purobulem. Igadzirise. When he put on his real identity as a General and Commander to say the same, not even little cockroaches will squeak. You know it!!!,” said Charamba.