Harare to Host Biggest Ever Under-16 Football Tournament…
5 July 2024
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On July 6, 2024, Harare is set to witness a monumental event in its sporting calendar as the Harare Province Juniors Football League prepares to host its largest under-16 tournament yet.

Scheduled to take place at the illustrious Zim Grounds, this event promises to be a spectacular showcase of youthful talent and exhilarating entertainment.

Dynamos Juniors, Real Stars , N C Sports Academy, Lions Academy, Dz Academy ,Chitungwiza Stars and many other local juniors clubs are ready to battle for glory.

The announcement was made by none other than Sir (Mablanyo) Chigove, esteemed Chairman of the Harare Province Juniors Football League and assistant coach at super Dynamos in Harare. With decades of experience in football, Chigove emphasized that this tournament aims not only to celebrate the prowess of young footballers but also to provide a platform for their skills to shine.

“This event is not just about football; it’s about nurturing the next generation of sports stars and creating an unforgettable experience for spectators,” remarked Sir Chigove during the announcement. Indeed, the tournament promises a blend of high-octane matches and off-pitch entertainment that will captivate football enthusiasts of all ages.

The Zim Grounds, known for its vibrant atmosphere and excellent facilities, is expected to buzz with excitement as teams from across Harare Province compete for the prestigious title. Beyond the competitive aspect, the event will feature a talent showcase highlighting the diverse skills of young footballers, ensuring that every participant has a chance to shine.

Fans can look forward to a day filled with action-packed matches, skill demonstrations, and entertainment at its finest. Food stalls, music performances, and interactive activities will complement the football action, making it a day out for families and sports enthusiasts alike.

For young athletes, this tournament represents a unique opportunity to gain exposure, hone their skills, and potentially catch the eye of talent scouts and coaches. It underscores the league’s commitment to nurturing grassroots talent and fostering a love for the game among Zimbabwe’s youth.

As anticipation builds across Harare, organizers are working tirelessly to ensure that every detail is perfected for what promises to be a landmark event in the city’s sporting history. With community support and the enthusiasm of young players driving the event forward, the Harare Province Juniors Football League aims to set a new standard for youth football tournaments in Zimbabwe.

Come July 6, 2024, Harare will indeed be on fire with soccer showcase, talent displays, and entertainment galore. Whether you’re a dedicated football fan or simply looking to enjoy a day of fun-filled activities, this tournament at Zim Grounds is an event not to be missed. Mark your calendars and be part of history in the making as Harare celebrates the power and potential of its junior football stars.