Linda Masarira Demands Retraction of ZNA Commander Statement
5 July 2024
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4 July 2024

Lieutenant General Anslem Nhamo Sanyatwe’s assertion that the army backs ZANU-PF and will engage in command voting is a blatant affront to democracy and a gross violation of our constitution.

Section 211(3) explicitly mandates the army to uphold the fundamental human rights and freedoms of all citizens and remain non-partisan in their actions.

It is essential for all army personnel to receive training on constitutionalism and human rights before making public statements that expose their ignorance.

Zimbabwe is a multiparty democracy, and we demand free, fair, and credible elections where no political party is disenfranchised.

We expect a prompt apology and retraction from the General.

Linda Tsungirirai Masarira
LEAD President