Zanu PF Youth League Boss Glorifies Mnangagwa
5 July 2024
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Today, we celebrate a monumental gesture from President ED Mnangagwa, who has generously provided a new fleet of vehicles to our youth league.

This remarkable act is more than just about enhancing mobility; it’s a testament to his unwavering commitment to the future of Zimbabwe’s young people.

In these times of transformative change, President Mnangagwa’s support empowers our youth to engage more actively in national development and seize new opportunities.

As we approach the SADC summit, the need to empower our young generation has never been more crucial, and this fleet of vehicles symbolizes a pivotal step toward that goal.

His ongoing efforts to integrate and uplift the youth through this and many other initiatives reflect a deep-seated belief in their potential.

Such dedication can only be met with our collective loyalty, patriotism, and a drive to work harder for a brighter Zimbabwe.

Let us all draw inspiration from his vision and continue striving towards a future where our youth lead with confidence and purpose.

Thank You our President ED Mnangagwa, in you we have a father and a caring one.


Source : Zanu PF Youth League