Is Mnangagwa Stepping Down?
6 July 2024
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By A Correspondent

Emmerson Mnangagwa’s recent declaration that he is currently in his second and final term as Zimbabwe’s President has sparked renewed debate over his intentions and political future.

Mnangagwa made these statements during the inauguration of a Juice and Water production plant at Mutare Teachers College on Thursday, July 4.

Mnangagwa emphasized that both the Party and National Constitutions prescribe two-term limits.

“I am now working on my second and last term and was on my way to taking a deserved rest.”

Mnangagwa also asserted that the ruling party, ZANU PF, will select his successor at the appropriate time, highlighting the importance of party discipline and adherence to the party’s directives.

This announcement comes amidst speculation suggesting Mnangagwa’s potential interest in extending his presidency beyond the constitutionally mandated limit.

Previously, Mnangagwa had fueled speculation with statements like “2030 ndeendichipo” (meaning “I will still be there in 2030”), indicating a possible desire to remain in power beyond his second term.

Critics remain skeptical of Mnangagwa’s sincerity, with some expressing concerns about potential efforts to amend the constitution to facilitate a longer presidency.

The president’s latest remarks, however, appear to signal a commitment to respecting term limits and transitioning leadership within ZANU PF when the time comes.

In response to these developments, there has been varied public reaction, with some welcoming Mnangagwa’s affirmation of term limits as a positive step towards democratic governance, while others remain cautious, citing previous political maneuvers within the ruling party.

Mnangagwa’s assertion that he is serving his final term as president is seen as a pivotal statement that could shape Zimbabwe’s political landscape in the coming years, amidst ongoing speculation and scrutiny regarding his political ambitions and the future of leadership within ZANU PF.