Tshabangu Council Cracks-Down On Harare Bottle Stores
9 July 2024
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By Municipal Reporter- The Sengezo Tshabangu CCC-run Harare City Council is cracking down on what it calls the growing number of bottle stores in the city centre. 

The council says these bottle stores have been linked to chaos and unsanitary conditions.

It says complaints include bottle stores staying open past the mandated 8pm closing time, patrons harassing people, public urination and traffic congestion caused by the stores.
Council spokesperson Mr Stanely Gama told the state media that the lawlessness caused by the bottle stores must stop.
“We have identified stores with expired licenses. These licenses will be rigorously reviewed before renewal,” he said.“Stricter regulations are being implemented to make it harder for problematic bottle stores to obtain licenses. Additionally, unlicensed stores will be shut down.
“Residents are encouraged to report such issues to the City Council. By working together, the city aims to restore order and maintain the beauty of Harare.”