Police Expose Mnangagwa Mass Corruption
10 July 2024
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By Tozvireva Masango- The Zimbabwe Republic Police have unveiled President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s construction of a multi-million-dollar mansion in Harare’s exclusive Hellensville neighbourhood, sparking serious concerns about the origins of his immense wealth.

Located on Wheeleon Road, the palatial property is being built by the Chinese company Zim Nantong Construction.

Spanning 25,000 square meters of prime urban land, the project has been ongoing for the past five years and includes eight cluster houses at various stages of completion.

The luxurious construction project came to public attention on Tuesday after police officers guarding the premises fired warning shots at suspected thieves who attempted to break into the property on Saturday night.

Mnangagwa, widely regarded as the richest man in Zimbabwe, is believed to control significant portions of the nation’s economy.

His fortune is reportedly built on corrupt mining operations, particularly in gold and diamonds, conducted in partnership with the military in Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

At the turn of the millennium, Mnangagwa, along with the late General Sibusiso Moyo and the late Airforce Commander Perrence Shiri, was named in a United Nations report as a chief looter of diamonds in the DRC.

In 1998, while serving as Justice Minister, Mnangagwa convinced the late President Robert Mugabe to deploy soldiers to the DRC under the pretense of solidarity with the late DRC President Laurent Kabila.

Further allegations of corruption surfaced in 2015 when Mugabe accused Mnangagwa of stealing US$15 billion in diamond revenue, which the Chinese mined under military management in Marange.

The stolen diamond money is believed to have funded the 2017 coup that ousted Mugabe, consolidating Mnangagwa’s grip on power.

This extravagant mansion stands as a stark symbol of Mnangagwa’s controversial legacy, built on a foundation of corruption and exploitation.