Grace Mugabe: Joice Mujuru Had Sex With Gumbo, Mutasa


LIVEBLAST: First Lady Grace Mugabe has opened fire on former Vice President Joice Mujuru claiming that Mujuru had sex with Didymus Mutasa and also Rugare Gumbo.


First Lady Amai Mugabe addressing the rally in Buhera

Posted by The Herald-Zimbabwe on Friday, February 17, 2017

She likened Mujuru to the Queen of a bee hive, “Queen Bee.”

“vaMutasa mungakungurusana naro ziQueen B mukarikwanisa?

muchaona (Joice) abvisa hembe pavanhu,” she said, also adding that Mujuru must simply seek for forgiveness from her.

Grace Mugabe is speaking in Morgan Tsvangirai’s home area, Buhera. This LIVE-REPORT continues – refresh to read further.  


If Mugabe dies, Grace says, we can field his corpse (sic) to participate in elections.

This is not the first time Grace has suggested that Mugabe would rule from the grave in what many see as her attempt to succeed Mugabe since she has also implied that she is the virtual president of Zimbabwe.

Grace accuses non-governmental organisations of ‘taking advantage of drought’ to sway people to support opposition parties.

Last year, in response to a government appeal for assistance in February last year, the United Nations, humanitarian partners and NGOs developed a Humanitarian Response Plan through a collaborative and joined-up efforts.

To ensure a holistic and multi-sectoral response, the Humanitarian Response Plan coverred Food Security and Agriculture; Health and Nutrition; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene; Education; and, Protection.

Of the $360 million requested for the period of April 2016 – March 2017, nearly $190 million was committed, enabling the UN and humanitarian partners to reach 1.5 million people with relief assistance. Given the rise of affected population to 4.1 million.


Grace Mugabe attempts to explain the SWOT analysis to the largely rural audience. “Our main strength is in Mugabe…Everyone, including a child, knows there is someone called Robert Mugabe.”

She continues heaping praise on Mugabe, who turns 93 next week and intends to run for re-election in 2018, at 94.

If elected, Mugabe will be the oldest president to be elected, and will extend his reputation as one of the longest serving African leaders.


In apparent reference to embattled ZimPF leader, Joice Mujuru, Grace has insinuated that the Queen bee is always followed by other bees for mating, at a rally where there are hundreds of schoolchildren in attendance.

In a long attack on Mujuru’s party, Grace has said Mujuru must ask for forgiveness from Mugabe and return to Zanu PF.


Grace Mugabe has commenced her speech – in her usual tone- hitting back at allegations that there are cracks within the Zanu PF Women’s League, which she heads.

The First Lady has attacked women who bleach to lighten their skins…”Why do you want to look like Mr and Mrs Smith..hudofo..sehwaQueen Bee (in apparent reference to Joice Mujuru)

BY 12pm:

Grace has arrived at the rally venue and party officials are making introductory remarks and sloganeering ahead of the First Lady’s address.  (Additional reporting Newsday).


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  • Goodlife Lynus


  • bie

    Thats very low even for the First Lady,what is this teaching the women and the populace at large?It says its ok to insult and demean someone if you have different views and aspirations?Is this the Leadrship Zim is looking forward to?If yes,then alas,the future is really bleak




    Shonas – Eish. This is embarrassing. Just check the ugly women!!