Makandiwa and Satanists | LIVE DISCUSSION



“I don’t follow Uebert Angel but his friend Emmanuel Makandiwa is a skilled Biblical orator(teacher), he is truly of God.”

People who draw inferences from Emmanuel Makandiwa’s oratory abilities(charm) in the Biblical scriptures have been challenged to look into a picture (visionary) of Emmanuel Makandiwa with Satan, the deceiver.

If oratory abilities are Makandiwa’s stamp of God’s approval, then Satan who possesses even better abilities to the point of playing with Jesus’ mind (wilderness temptation), is more approved by God than the preacher. If Makandiwa is a true Prophet merely because of his oratory abilities, that would make the Zimbabwean preacher a Satanist because Satan is the father of oratory charm, said theologians.

The discussion came from videos which have exposed Makandiwa as a mere miracle stager, a development that saw the preacher apepar on stage to attack ZimEye. SEE COMMENTS BELOW INSIDE VIDEOS

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  • met mina

    If there is nothing to talk about, please ridzai miridzo.

  • Mamoe

    vanozvidawo vanhu vacho,,,people should learn to read their bibles,put their trust in God for direction.nekuwandakwemaprofita can you really trust your judgment on who is genuine and who is not….???its high time people should dzikama,work for a better rship with God and wait upon the Lord….

  • Siyaso

    Ko kushama nyayi kana zvekuhumana pasina. Zvamunoziva kuprofita kwechokwadi chiprofitai mumudzidziseka Makandiwa wacho.

  • Son of the Prophet

    very true…..

  • Son of the Prophet

    NCXAAA musatipedzere nguva nezvinhu zvisina basa uko…If the miracles are fake chitiratidzai kaa echokwadi acho , or if you,in your insanity, think you have a better revelation than Prophet E Makandiwa tanga yako tione tinzwe rako!!

    Kana mashaya zvekuita dzokera kumusha kunorima uko!!!

  • Gift

    Zimbabwe downfall will never end if the likes of Makandiwa, Magaya etc are at the forefront of praying for the country. People of Zimbabwe take charge do not let these SATANISTS take charge