Manicaland Mourns Brave Bunjira


Manicaland Province joins President Tsvangirai, Chairman Eric Murai of Harare Province, the entire MDC-T family and all the forces in the democratic struggle in paying our condolences to the Bunjira family on the loss of a heroine of the struggle; a struggle to free this country from Mugabe’s dictatorship.

Hon Bunjira, the Chairlady of Harare Province epitomised self sacrifice, bravery, comradeship, commitment and steadfastness to the values and goals of our struggle. She always spoke her mind and beyond merely talking she believed in ACTION which made her cross the paths of the evil regime fronted by the partisan police countless times.

We all feel the heavy loss. In honour of Hon Bunjira Manicaland province shall continue the fight to rid this country of the prema-bound Mugabe and his ruining thugs masquerading as the government of Zimbabwe.

Go well leader. Go well comrade. Go well our heroine. Go well amai. Go well Honourable.


Trevor Saruwaka
Manicaland Spokesperson

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