AFM Church in Dirty Election Rigging: Court Papers
13 April 2015
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The Apostolic Faith Mission Church, AFM, presided over a rigged election in January when they elected their new President, court papers state in a development that could destroy the church’s credibility, a phenomenon previously known to the political arena where politicians are suing each other over electoral fraud.
AFM today saw (13) thirteen senior pastors approach the High Court challenging the election of Reverend Aspher  Madziyire  as their president on January 31  this  year.
In their court application the pastors said Reverend Madzire stole the election by evading the Workers Council which is the Church’s Electoral College.
They further accuse him of conducting the election the ZANU (PF) way of taking down the serial numbers of the voters’ registration slips.
“The defendant violated the rights of the plaintiff to be in the workers council that was going to vote for a president of the Church.
“The Workers Council is due to meet on the 26th of April and there was never a call for the Workers Council on the 31st January 2015 which culminated in the election of 1st defendant as president of the church”, read part of the application which was filed at the High Court by Zivanai  Macharaga of Mugiya and Macharaga Law Chambers on behalf of the disgruntled thirteen pastors.
The pastors also accuse Reverend Maziyire of intimidating and victimizing pastors in the church.
According to Macharaga the defendant has up to three weeks to respond to the application.