Mugabe Gives War Vets Taste of Own Medicine
10 January 2017
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Nomusa Garikai | When President Mugabe fell out with the war veterans led by Chris Mutsvangwa the tyrant had Mutsvangwa and a number of his follow association executive leaders booted out of the party. The tyrant tried to replace the Mutsvangwa executive with one led by Manicaland Provincial Affairs Minister, Mandi Chimene. The Mutsvangwa executive challenged the move in High Court and won.

Now it seems President Mugabe has been defying the High Court ruling and allowed the Chimene group to represent war veterans at party gatherings. Anyone who knows what a devious character President Mugabe is was not surprise by this. It is the war veteran leaders’ reaction that was surprising.

“Zimbabwe is a constitutional State and it’s so sad that the ruling party is failing to obey its own and the country’s Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land,” said ZNLWVA secretary general Victor Matemadanda.

“We now have a constitutional crisis because the ruling party doesn’t believe in the rule of law. Yet, at his swearing-in ceremony, Mugabe promised to uphold the Constitution though he is now worryingly failing to do what he promised.”

President Mugabe has always violated the Zanu PF and national constitutions whenever they got in his way to establish and retain the de facto one-party dictatorship the nation has lived under ever since independence in 1980 when he first assumed office. Indeed, Matemadanda and his fellow rogue war veterans have played their part in helping Mugabe impose his no-regime-change mantra on the nation.

Of course, the war veterans knew Zimbabwe was a multi-party democracy with a constitutional obligation to hold free, fair and credible elections. It is impossible to hold free, fair and credible elections and still impose no regime change; the two are mutually exclusive.

Zimbabwe is a lawless nation and it is rich that people like Matemadanda, Joice Mujuru and all the other Zanu PF thugs should notice this now after they were booted out of Zanu PF but failed to do so all these years they were in the party and wielded power.

“Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him. “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.” Matthew 26:25.

It is right and just that people like Matemadanda, Joice Mujuru and all the other Zanu PF thugs are finally getting a taste of the Zanu PF tyranny they have dished out to the rest of us all these years. One can only hope that they will now work for real and meaningful democratic change so we can finally bury dead this corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship!