The Many Lives Of Zanu PF, Strongest When Challenged
27 March 2017
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BY Dr Masimba Mavaza|True cadres passionately believe in the Strength and the future of ZANU PF.

ZANU PF is at its best strength when it looks fragile. Like any other strong party when there is no common enemy they turn against each other. It may have started out of convenience and threatens to break the party apart. The embarrassing situation and state of affairs leaves an expression that the centre is not holding. But it is when it looks like it’s breaking up that it is actually getting stronger.The point to note clearly is that the worrying infighting in ZANU PF is engineered by selfish power hungry bigots who have no party interest at heart.

During the liberation war there were so many instances of splits. ANC to ZAPU to ZANU. Then a surprising unity towards independence. ZANU has seen splits and it is not a stranger to such splits.

The difference is in the yesteryears the cause was nipped in the bud. Comrades were disciplined detained and rehabilitated. This made the party stronger and it stood against all the weathers.

ZANU PF at war with imperialists needed a secure stronger united front. History has shown us that ZANU PF works better when it has a common enemy to focus on. The current situation which everybody is afraid to say is that there is a belief that there will be a vacuum to be created soon. The prophets of doom have predicted the departure of the president sooner and vultures and selfish idiots have started to jostle for positions. Some have started elbowing others.

Even in a family people start fighting for positions. Despite the fact that ZANU PF has the most democratic constitution which talks extensively on succession. People still want to position themselves in positions of power.

This zeal for power has threatened the party and shaking it to its roots.

The party financially unstable after the failure economic down turn needed economic respite and the rich members seized the opportunity to flash their money in a bid to gain control of the party.

The party is a revolutionary roots and can not be bought by money. But seriously those criminals splashing money did cause havoc to the party.

But what should inspire us – and continues to inspire me – is what came after. The unity of purpose and the revolutionary spirit.

Together, we turned a small, off-shore Political party into the one of the most powerful party known to the world.

In the 80s the Party helped create the sense of possibility that inspired the titans of the Enlightenment and that created an icon.

And in the 1982-85 we not only remained stable in the face of…the totalitarianisms that were the scourge of mainland Zimbabwe but we confronted them till we formed a formidable unity which has united the country.


the party is in a pathetic state and if its not controlled it destroys itself. We are having senior ministers attacking government and party projects on Twitter. We have the first lady ridiculed by her subordinates in social media. We have senior ministers threatening the national press in public. We have the VPs insulted publicly and the once strong party resembles a dogs breakfast.

But so much for the confusion It is our desire and duty to help shape the future of the party.
And the future of our Party is looking more fragile – more threatened – than at any time in recent history. Those responsible have no interest of the party at heart. They direct their passion to their pockets.

At the same times there are those in The party who want the Opposition to succeed, who would like to see the Party fracture.

They seek to use grievances to foster a narrow Zanu pf nationalism.

We must not allow the illegitimate and affectionate doubling up of patriotic pride by those corrupt power hungry leaders.

ZANU PF must not be pushed aside by a coarse and casual nationalism led by selfish buffoons masquerading as cadres.

We must confront and defeat the ugly stain of factionalism seeping through the Party flag.


This is where we should stand, here in this great and beautiful dream saying clearly today and for all time that The country and the party comes first.

For It is true that we are stronger together.

Stronger together: Zimbabweans more, much more than the sum of our parts.

That if it should ever come to a choice between constitutional perfection and the preservation of our party and nation, I choose our Party and our nation.

Better an imperfect party than a broken one.

One part of the challenge to our Party is the need the people feel today for a clear identity. A clear stand on corruption and discipline.

But in this search for identity, here in ZANU PF we have the best possible start.

That is because being ZANU PF is one of the most successful examples of inclusive civic nationalism in the world. We are a shining example of what a multi-ethnic, multi-faith and multi society can and should be. ZANU PF is a party which is part of the country. There can never be Zimbabwe without ZANU PF.

And the challenge now is to renew that sense of belonging by creating a positive vision of ZANU PF that really stands for something and makes people want to be part of it. The party without infighting the party which is not tainted by corruption and where juniors respect their seniors and discipline rules the party again.
A party in which we are held together by a strong sense of shared history and common values and institutions we cherish. The party which is watered by the blood of the heroes who laid their lives down for us today.
A party which encourages active members not a passive standing on the sidelines used by the corrupt rich.

A party which people are not bullied to join, but are actively inspired to join.

We should be saying loudly and proudly: together, we are stronger we are ZANU PF.
So yes, together we are stronger. We are the only party which has ruled the country for 37 years. We must never throw that legacy away. We must never surrender to factionalism.
It means saying loudly boldly and proudly: together, we are safer.

It’s vital we get this right.

We talk about values but ZANU PF isn’t just about values – liberty, fair play, openness – are general, unspecific, almost universal.

They are virtues which could be as easily associated with ZANU PF.

ZANU PF is also about institutions, attachment to our President admiration for our armed forces, understanding of our history, recognising that our liberty is rooted in the rule of law and respect for people.

Just as people seek identity in this new world of freedom, so they seek opportunity to be good in ZANU PF.

And we never will, because we believe in the party and we will never do anything to put it at risk.

Consider all our Party’s history, not just the recent past. Consider the impression left in the hearts of the people. Why destroy it in one day.

We are a party of the People and as long as Mugabe leads it that is how it will stay; and we should work tirelessly for consent and consensus so we strengthen the party and stop factionalism

We will not play your game to break up our ZANU PF.

And we will not stop fighting to meet ZANU PF needs.

So let us scrub out the stain of FACTIONALISM that is starting to disfigure our party.

Let us search for practical and reasonable solutions to our factional challenges.

But let us do so in a spirit of unity and purpose that will see ZANU PF move forward together into the 2018 election with confidence and pride.

Stronger together; weaker apart.

Stronger together: let us keep that precious idea forever in our hearts.”

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