PICTURE BLAST: Chiwenga Visits Vapostori Shrine
23 December 2017
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Ray Nkosi | General Constantino Guveya Dominic Nyikadzino Chiwenga who was this morning appointed Vice President by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, is in another social media storm after pictures of his went viral on social media in a visit to a vapostori shrine. ZimEye.com could not establish when the pictures were taken at the time of going to press. See pictures below.

7 Replies to “PICTURE BLAST: Chiwenga Visits Vapostori Shrine”

  1. Though not newsworthy. We know why you Mahoka are furious you want to curry favour with people around the president because you abused Mnangagwa left right and centre you were outspoken and ruthless. Siyana neZanu rambira kwako kuG40. Isu beMDC are the jury. Try other means of softeners not attacking others they to have freedom of speech and see and comment about anything. Pamberi ne G40 pamberi naMahoka !!!! Amen

  2. Zimeye must stop stalking people. General Chiwengas going or not going to the vapostori shrine is none of our business. there is freedom of religious association in the constitution sayanai naye.

  3. Is this newsworthy? I find it disgustingly malicious for it seems to link Cde Chiwenga’s new appointment to this so-called visit to the shrine.

  4. Please, give us a break. Chihwenga has a right to associate with a faith of his own choice. It’s called Freedom of Worship. Even if he chooses to join Wapusa-Wapusa, it’s none of anybody’s business. After all, it’s not newsworthy.

    Could you please give us current news devoid of partiality? We’re fed up with bogus journalists who rabidly regurgitate “stale news” tainted by personal bias. We need journalists who rise above personal perspective.

    There are many political commentators of note who are willing to participate in your discussion and give constructive and engaging ideas. I wonder why we are constantly subjected to negative comments by one “Dr” who only sees doom and nothing positive about Zimbabwe. He spews anger and hate. One would expect him to give a critical analysis of issues rather than bombard people with hate-speech.

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