BREAKING NEWS – Mnangagwa Confers Govt Burial For Tsvangirai
15 February 2018
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By Langton Ncube| President Emmerson Mnangagwa has denied the late MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai National Hero status.

Speaking Thursday afternoon, Mnangagwa said Tsvangirai will be given a state assisted burial.

Speaking to journalists, Mnangagwa said, “obviously as a nation we feel we have lost a man who has his contribution to the political landscape of this country. Yes he was in the opposition but he was striving to make sure that there was democracy in the country from his perspective, and he has been in the political arena for a very long time; so our politics has been shaped by his contribution to this country.

“…so it is very important that we as government pay our respects to one of us. So last night, I instructed the Zimbabwe embassy in Pretoria to assist in any manner possible…but once they will have come here I have already discussed with my colleagues as to what honour we are going to give him. No, no no we will make him state assisted funeral.”