Chamisa Not Stupid, Says ZANU PF Strategst
20 February 2018
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By Terrence Mawawa| Zanu PF youth league member and political strategist Brian Mudhumi has defended acting MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa saying the youthful politician’ s detractors are determined to soil his reputation.

There have been allegations against Chamisa with people claiming that he was in an affair with his late boss’ wife.

But commenting on Facebook yesterday Mudhumi said: “In as much as I may not agree with Chamisa ideologically,  common sense tells you that it’s only cheap politics or a smear campaign against him.

Chamisa will never be a stupid person who can be involved in an affair with his boss’s Wife – that can never happen Cdes.”

Mudhumi was responding to reports that Chamisa was barred from attending Tsvangirai’ s funeral.