FULL TEXT: MDC Lied About Tsvangirai Funeral Crowd, Says Analyst
21 February 2018
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A Correspondent| The Morgan Tsvangirai founded MDC party might have lied about the number of people who attended their leader’s funeral attendance, a news observer has indicated.

The MDC-T says nearly 800,000 attended the procession which they celebrate as Africa’s second best ever attended funeral, next only to Nelson Mandela.

But writing in the newsroom forum, Steve Blomefield said, “…lets assume the figure of 800,000 was accurate, 800,000 / 75 ( the amount of people in a big bus or chicken bus; This calculation gives us the amount of chicken buses were needed to carry 800,000 people; The answer is 10,666 …. over ten thousand busses were needed to carry 800,000 people.

“I’m falling over laughing

“My stomach is sore from laughing

“Ok lets forget about the buses

“How many cars are needed to carry 800,000
Divide by 6 (two in front, four in back)

“Lets assume every car was full with 6 people
The amount of cars needed would be 133 THOUSAND CARS

“HO HO HO, Ha ha ha

“No please stop your exaggeration…. my stomach is sore from laughing!”