WATCH-CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Harare College Busy Spreading Litter Bugs Around City
21 February 2018
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The privately owned Herentals College has been caught in the act spreading litter around the capital. Below was an account by the Harare mayor on how it happened:

By Ben Manyenyeni|  A very different day in the office today – it was high drama, speed-chase in Hatcliffe suburb.

Social media has been awash with a group of private colleges called HERENTALS which is deploying a minimum of two 76-seater buses and some pick -up trucks every day FULL of young MERCHANTS of LITTER, dishing out thousands of flyers city-wide (you think?).

Count 41 jumping out of the back of this small truck

I bumped into one of the gangs but I failed to persuade them to pick up their litter.

They scattered in all directions then jumped onto their bus. I chased them – got their vehicle registration details but they drove off.

I picked up 2 policemen from Hatcliffe police post and the drama continued because they had resumed their activities just one street off.


A mini-arrest failed as they tried to kidnap the officer. They realised it was just too late as I had enough details on my phone.

I gave chase and they stopped and we rescued the cop. One blink – they jumped into their car and fled off.

The bus was not so lucky – the streets in the high density suburb did not give the giant bus a chance to try more than 2 of its 10 gears.

In 2 hours we arrested two drivers and at least 7 of the “merchandisers”.

I left them paying admission of guilt fines – a ‘token’ of 30-odd dollars. Each worker is being paid 5 to 7 dollars a day.

Today’s team must be more than 150 flyer droppers.

The Environmental Management Agency were quick in response joining me at the police station inside 30 minutes – ON A PUBLIC HOLIDAY???

This very same group of colleges is employing this method COUNTRYWIDE and has two finalised convictions in other cities already. Do we need their operations in our country?

The ZRP Hatcliffe officer -in- charge and his team must be commended – great pace guys! I had the unexpected – a policeman yelling at me to put the foot down on the petrol pedal?

One big bus and one pick up at the cop station.

Apologies to Shawasha Hills – I am told they started with your area today.