WATCH: 17 Yr Old Black African Builds His Own Drone
1 March 2018
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An African teenager has built his own drone.

David Opateyibo is a talented 17 year old boy from Nigeria who comes from a humble and christian family. A student at Laspotech-ICA Aviation centre who led a project in designing a Drone. David who apart from being a student is one of the Associate Instructors that have been chosen to participate in building the first aircraft, CH750 at Zenith Aircraft Company’s facility in Missouri, United States of America.

The journey will take him five months to build all the sub-Assemblies like Fuselage, Wings, Control Surfaces and Landin gears. They will then return to Nigeria to complete the building process and get the aircraft certified by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority. This will be the first of its kind in Nigeria and Laspotech ICA Aviation Center will be the launch Institution in Nigeria that will advance the interest of General Aviation in the country. David will also use the same opportunity get their Drone Pilot & Instructor License through our training partner, Unmanned Safety Institute. The Unmanned Safety Institute® brings over 30 years of experience in UAS flight safety operations, UAS safety training and certification programs headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Opateyibo

David, a male is a ground instructor at the Laspotech ICA Aviation Center. He received his Applied Aviation Science certificate at the International College of Aeronautics, Ojodu-Berger, Lagos state. He is known for his ingenuity when it comes to innovation. When he is not working, he spends time playing musical instruments, building robots and trying very hard to be a good artist. Benefit David will return to Nigeria as certified Drone Pilots, Drone Instructors and Aircraft Builders and add value to aviation training programs at Laspotech ICA Aviation Centre.

David is his own words says the following, ” I am David Opateyibo a bona fide student of LASPOTECH ICA Aviation Centre seeking to excel in the aviation industry. I have a unique opportunity to participate in the construction of CH750 Airplane at Zenith Aircraft Company, Missouri USA which would later be brought to Nigeria for complete assembly. This opportunity would also aid in the completion of my programme Aircraft Building Engineering Technology. ICA has already paid for my training in aircraft building while in USA. I am requesting for sponsorship to cover the cost of my training and travel expenses.

In addition to my primary goal of building aircraft, I intend to use the opportunity to get my FAA licences as Advanced Ground Instructor, Drone pilot and Private pilot while in USA. The Ground Instructor license make me qualified and certified to teach all the aviation ground trainings we offer at LASPOTECH. Having my Drone Pilot license will add value and certification to our drone projects to make Lagos State safe. And getting my Private pilot license will allow me to fly the aircraft we are about to build in USA. The trainings I will acquire would help make the LASPOTECH very notable in aviation research and development as this will further elevate the school’s name worldwide. TO DONATE TO DAVID – CLICK HERE