POLICE BREAKING NEWS: “It’s True I Killed These Women,” Chivi Man Finally Confesses On LIVE Camera
5 March 2018
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just after being given a citizens arrest…murder suspect tied to a rope

By Staff Reporter| A man who was yesterday caught and given a citizens arrest in Chivi amid serious charges of rape, assault and murder, has confessed to carrying out these acts of violence.

This highly disturbing trail of events follows the recent splashing on social media of pictures of injured women assaulted and with head injuries. One of the women has a deep gush of blood in the head from an axe like object.

ZimEye.com today reveals exclusive police footage from inside the Ngundu Police station of the man as he confessed to carrying out summary executions and killing of particularly women in evil Jack The Ripper style.

A frustrating component of this sequel events shows how members of the public performed their own policing and successful arrest of the alleged murderer.

One of the short videos ZimEye exclusively reveals, has the suspect narrating saying, “pane vamwe Mai vandakauraya kwaChitembwe, kwaChitembwe kunoitwa kwaMachingura; pane vamwe Mbuya vandakasiya ndasunga.

“Zvandakaita kwamusha, ndakatema vamwe ne bhodhoro apa(HE THEN MOTIONS AT HIS FACE SIDE). Mvura yakanaya zvikuru, vakasara vakaurayiwa nemvura, he says shortly before going into the account of another of his alleged murders. – THE PROGRAM WILL BE STREAMED LIVE on ZimEye.com TUESDAY MORNING AS WELL AS IN THE AFTERNOON. – REFRESH THIS PAGE TO WATCH.