CHAMISA RALLY LIVE: Zimbabwe Needs Clean Hands – Ngarivhume
10 March 2018
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By A Correspondent| Transform Zimbabwe president Jacob Ngarivhume today addressed thousands of MDC Alliance supporters at a rally at Cross Dete, in Matabeleland North. In his speech Ngarivhume said only those with clean hands can turn around the fortunes of this nation.

“Mnangagwa and Mugabe are the same. There is nothing new that he will bring to this country. They were together destroying our national resources since 1980. We all know that ED is responsible for the Gukurahundi that was suffered in this province. Only a person with clean hands is required for this country”, said Ngarivhume much to the ululation of the supporters.

The TZ leader also encouraged supporters to continue with the Alliance which was a vision crafted by Morgan Tsvangirai. He was very clear to the fact that only a united opposition front had realistic chances of defeating ZANU PF.

“As a convergence of seven political parties brought together by Tsvangirai, we don’t want to disappoint him by working against his vision”.

Ngarivhume also implored supporters to work with Alliance candidates in their areas and vote for them in these coming elections.

“We also say no to violence and let us now prepare to lead this great country”, said Ngarivhume.