Ngarivhume Mobilises Structures For Election
13 March 2018
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Today, the TZ president Jacob Ngarivhume together with Mrs Ngarivhume and team met with the Chitungwiza structures in Unit L.

The meeting was organised ahead of the inaugural TZ Congress to be held from the 23rd to the 24th of March under the theme LEADERSHIP WE CAN BELIEVE IN. The meeting was aimed at inculcating the spirit of leadership in all the structures, upraising them of their duties and responsibilities within the structures and the nation at large.

In his message, Ngarivhume highlighted that real change and transformation in the nation of Zimbabwe can not happen unless and until we have leaders who fear God. “For Zimbabwe to move forward, we need God to rule this nation and he does that through his people. We need people who truly fear God to be raised to positions of leadership if we want our nation to move forward”.
The TZ president highlighted that we now need to usher in the true new dispensation, not this ED regime we have. “ED and his cronies have been in government with Mugabe since 1980 and they are responsible for running this nation to the ground. They will never bring any transformation to our nation. They have to follow their master Mugabe wherever he went.

As Christians in Zimbabwe, we have prayed enough for our country to change, but change has not fully happened because of the type of leaders we have. Our error was that we were praying for God to help liers, thieves, rapists and murders to rule Zimbabwe. Our nation has constantly faced the dilemma of choosing between greater evil and lesser evil while the good people locked themselves in prayer closets praying for the nation. This season has come to an end.

” We need God fearing people who are bold and can stand for what they believe in to rise to positions of leadership because they are the ones with the leadership values and principles that Zimbabwe needs to move forward” said Ngarivhume.

Though our foundations are based on Christianity and Christian values, Transform Zimbabwe party is a party for all Zimbabweans. It is a party of Zimbabweans, by Zimbabweans and for Zimbabweans. Everyone is welcome to join and participate so that we Transform Zimbabwe together.

In his concluding remarks, the TZ president tasked the province with seconding delegates to the TZ inaugural congress that will run from 23-24 March in Harare. Our leaders for the next five years will be selected during that Congress and our party manifesto will also be unveiled during the same event.

The TZ president then got time to listen to the concerns of the people and promised to pull together with the community until their needs are met.

The meeting ended on a high note with the people fired up and ready to Transform Zimbabwe this year.

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