Zim’s Moses Drags Mnangagwa and Chiwenga To Court
13 March 2018
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By Paul Nyathi

Presidential election candidate Engineer Gastaff Kativu, leader of the CKD Campaign has taken President Emerson Mnangagwa and his deputy Constantino Chiwenga to court demanding for the postponement of the 2018 elections claiming that the country is not ready for free and fair elections.

Kativu who has attracted a lot of attention from Zimbabweans for declaring himself as the Moses to deliver Zimbabweans to Canaan, filed his case at the High Court in Harare on Tuesday.

In his application he accuses the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson Priscilla Chigumba as the first respondents with Mnangagwa and Chiwenga as joint second respondents.

A full outline of the court case raised by the rogue dressed Kativu reads as follows:


First Respondent: Prescilla Chigumba, ZEC Chair
Second Respondent: Emerson Mnangagwa, Constantine Chiwenga

Applicant: Eng. Gastaff Kativu, CKD Campaign Leader

Legal Issues at Stake:
1. Delimitation of Constituencies not performed, Zim Constitution Chapter 7, Section 161 (1) & (2)

2. Biometric Voter Registration Incomplete and biased in favour of ZANU PF strongholds of Mash East, Central, West, Midlands and Masvingo with high turnouts around 90% while other provinces are just over 50% which on paper gives ZANU PF a win due to unequal registration of voters, Chapter 7, Section 155 (2)a

3. Illegal President cannot call for elections and cannot perform the duties of president in the electoral process, Chapter 5, Section 88 (1), Section 97, (1), Chapter 7, Section 161(7)&(8), Chapter 11, Section 213(1)&(2)

4. Militarized and Partial Zimbabwe Electoral Commission which takes orders from the executive, Chapter 12, Section 230(1)

5. Rampant voter intimidation by ZANU PF
6. Violence against political leaders and followers
7. Repressive legislations AIPPA & POSA still active
8. Vote Buying
9. National Army deployed countrywide to intimidate voters
10. Brutal ZRP cannot be reformed in six months to fairly and freely enforce electoral laws
11. Unlawful arrest of political leaders, Chapter 7, Section 156(c)

12. Unequal access to government media, Chapter 7, Section 155(2)

Zimbabwe cannot be blindfolded into rigged elections, issues must [be] corrected by a transitional authority which will invite the United Nations elections to administer Zimbabwe Elections at an agreeable date and Citizens in the Diaspora will cast their votes in their work countries.