LIVE – Fungai Maruta Throws All-White Birthday Party
3 June 2018
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By Own Correspondent| The controversial 40 year old owner of the Madzimai Akatendeka Ltd company, Fungai Maruta last night threw an all white party in Dunstable, UK.

The development came as Maruta made false claims that her company is registered and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, the FCA. But she was exposed by ZimEye when the FCA revealed her company has never at any time come under their registration. The first story was published on Friday night.

Hundreds of women have complained that Maruta has taken advantage of them claiming she is providing funeral cover when in fact it was all for her splurging. Victim after victim spoke on revealing how they have been allegedly abused by Maruta.  One victim wrote to ZimEye narrating, “I don’t want to be interviewed by I’m a member of madzimai akatendeka. I was paying my £18.50 till February then I stopped because things were not making sense. Per year we pay £44 400, £3 700 every month which she says is for administration. Now she even stopped the nurse training and owns a Range Rover.”