“Behold The New. Change That Delivers”- MDC Alliance Manifesto (SMART) Launched
7 June 2018
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By Own Correspondent| The MDC Alliance today (Thursday) launched its election manifesto at the Jubilee Center, Milton Park in Harare.

The manifesto, titled Sustainable and Modernisation Agenda for Real Transformation (SMART) was launched under the theme “Behold the New. Change that Delivers”.

In his foreword message of the policy document, MDC Alliance  leader, Nelson Chamisa said 2018 presented Zimbabweans with the opportunity to set the country on a new trajectory and a new leaf.

“Our country has been forsaken and forgotten, our infrastructure is  degraded, our factories are silent and our farms are less than what they must be.

Our schools and hospitals are destroyed and abandoned. Our roads have become death traps. The nation is in darkness and without light. We have a lot of missed opportunities and neglected advantages,
having accumulated unnecessary and odious debt, and pursued happiness for the few and not the many,” he said.

Chamisa said the forthcoming elections slated for July 30 presented an opportunity for Zimbabwe to turn a leaf from the dark ages of uncertainty and despair to a new dawn of hope, certainty and thought

“Correcting our past mistakes and curing our deficits and defects will require hard
work, dedication and commitment on the part of all Zimbabweans within and without the country, to reclaim and recover its lost shine, glitter and glamour.

We make the point that service is not a favour, it is a democratic right and a legitimate expectation which our leadership respects and endeavors to fulfil.
We understand that as a people we deserve real and total change that delivers,” he said.

Chamisa said decades of suffering must end through a new leadership under the MDC Alliance.

“We are however cognisant of the fact that the long suffering is nothing but a result of a leadership and governance deficit.

This leadership crisis created a big gap between us and our peers in neighbouring countries. The huge responsibility we have, which we so accept, is the war against poverty, unemployment and inequality,” said Chamisa, adding that once elected into office  his government will move with speed to stop the bleeding of Zimbabwe with the hope and aim to make it a great jewel once more.

“We will take steps to release our country from the status quo of straddling from one crisis to another put simply we offer an alternative mission. We are not only on a mission but we are guided by a clear vision which identifies with every Zimbabwean. It is a vision for inclusivity anchored on transformation, opportunities and prosperity,” said the MDC Alliance leader.

Chamisa pledged to create a modern functional, responsive, inclusive and innovative state in respect of which opportunities for citizens abound.

“We will transform our rural areas, people shall have access to world class infrastructure, clean and fresh water, best schools and health facilities, and renewable and green sources of energy in the context of a green economy,” said Chamisa.

He said SMART is a plan that will breathe new life into the dormant potential of the nation through the restoration of the dignity of hard work.

“SMART is a plan to save Zimbabwe from plunging into chaos and rescue the motherland from joining the list of failed states. This plan will offer our people an undoubtable chance to prosper, pursue happiness but more importantly it is a plan which will create a buffer against economic-related instability,” he said.

Chamisa urged Zimbabweans to build a NEW nation, a NEW narrative and a NEW Zimbabwe , built on pillars of forgiveness, peace, great ideas, alternative policies, freedom , tolerance and patriotism.

“We will make Zimbabwe the jewel of Africa and the world by 2023. The NEW is here.

The future has arrived. Together we will get the job done and make it happen. It can and it must be done. Let us work together. Let us win together. Let us go NEW. New Jobs, New factories, New hospitals, New Schools, New money, New happiness and new pride with a brand New President who governs all of us on a full stomach and happy families. We are ready for the task
and fit to govern,” he said.