Two Women Hospitalised After Eating Mbanje Cakes
8 June 2018
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TWO Hwange women who are bartenders were rushed to hospital where they were treated for drug induced psychosis after eating muffins laced with mbanje.

The muffins also known as space cakes or weed brownies are baked using cannabutter, which is butter heated in a pan with mbanje leaves and buds mixed in and then sifted out.

They cause a dangerously intense high and traces of the drug may be found in a person system more than a month after eating the muffins.

Ms Memory Sibanda and Ms Lisa Nyoni became nauseous and dizzy after eating the space cakes given to them by Terrence Kurai Machina and Tendai Terrence Mafara on Africa Day at Hwange Cricket Club.

Machina (26) of 274 Chibondo and Mafara (27) of 7L Ingagula were charged with assault after it was discovered that they made the muffins and laced them with mbanje.

Machina and Mafara told court that they intended to have fun with the two complainants after drugging them.

The duo said they didn’t expect the two bar-ladies at Hwange Cricket Club, to be affected by the mbanje.

“We would want to apologise to the complainants and the court. We thought that since the complainants are regular drinkers and smokers they would not mind the mbanje. We were hoping to have a good time with the two,” said Machina in court.

Hwange magistrate Mrs Portia Mhlanga-Moyo convicted Machina and Mafara on their own plea of guilty to assault yesterday.

The duo was sentenced to 24 months in jail. Six months were suspended on condition of good behaviour within five years while the remaining 18 months were suspended on condition that Machina and Mafara perform 630 hours of community service at the Hwange Magistrates’ Courts.

Prosecuting, Ms Memory Munsaka said Machina and Mafara made the muffins cakes on May 25 before proceeding to Hwange Cricket Club where they deliberately gave them to the two complainants who were on duty.

“On May 25 Machina baked some muffins and laced then with mbanje at his place of residence. He connived with Mafara and the two went to Hwange Cricket Club where they met Ms Sibanda and Ms Nyoni. Mafara approached the two complainants and offered them the muffins,” said the prosecutor.

The court was told that Machina and Mafara did not tell the complainants that the muffins had mbanje.

After separately eating the muffins, the two women became nauseous and dizzy and were immediately rushed to Hwange Colliery Hospital as they couldn’t continue with their work.

Tests done at the hospital confirmed Ms Sibanda and Ms Nyoni suffered from drug induced psychosis.

A report was made to the police leading to Machina and Mafara’s arrest.

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