UK – LATEST: More Victims Of “Fraudster” Fungai Maruta Open Files
8 June 2018
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By Own Correspondent| The investigation and the running whistleblowing action against the deceitful Zimbabwean business-woman, Fungai Maruta took to heights last night when more victims opened files of not only fraudulent activities, but also harassment and emotional abuse.

Another widow took stand to speak off camera in a recorded interview narrating the ordeal she went through at the hands of Fungai Maruta. She said like the account of the previous victim, she also became trapped after discovering that the dodgy funeral finance company was taking her money away gaining unjustly against her pockets.

“I don’t know how to say this but my case is just like the other mother, my husband passed away and I have children who are still in Zimbabwe,” she said.

She told ZimEye her eldest son, is 27 years old, which makes her far much more senior to Maruta, and yet Maruta has been compelling elderly women like her to address her under the title “Queen Mother.”  ( ZimEye is facilitating this whistleblowing investigative for the next few days running into weeks).

Viewers participating in the program also discovered the fraudulent editing of founding documents which Maruta edited on the 6th of June. This was in addition to the false claims that she made to clients and also while LIVE on when she declared that her company is Financial Conduct Authority registered and regulated.

Below was the LIVE roll as it continued: