Mujuru Certain To Win Presidency
18 June 2018
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Joice Mujuru

PEOPLE’S Rainbow Coalition (PRC) presidential candidate, Joice Mujuru (pictured), yesterday said she was ready to break new records of becoming the country’s first female president after winning next month’s presidential race, where she is currently rated as an underdog.

Addressing a PRC campaign rally at Tshabalala hall in Bulawayo, Mujuru said she had mobilised enough support to dislodge Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa and MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa who were currently touted as front-runners ahead of the July 30 general elections.

Mujuru, who is also leader of the National People’s Party (NPP) was among the 23 presidential aspirants who successfully registered at the nomination court last Thursday.

“There are some who are saying Zimbabwe is not ready for a female president…we went to war and we were never given a gun that is inscribed for use by a women. I am ready and PRC is going to liberate everyone and even those in Zanu PF who are also oppressed,” she said.

The PRC brings together the NPP, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) fronted by Lucia Matibenga, Zimbabwe United for Democracy (Zunde), Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment (Dare) and the Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters (ZEFF).

Like other parties, Mujuru promised jobs, economic and industry revival among others to put an end to poverty facing long suffering Zimbabweans.

Speaking at the same event, Mujuru’s deputy Samuel Sipepa Nkomo ruled out boycotting the elections despite non-implementation of electoral reforms demanded by other opposition parties.

The MDC Alliance has somewhat threatened a poll boycott and a “national shutdown” if the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission does not accede to its demands for levelling of the political playing field ahead of the polls.

“We have gone into this election and fielded candidates across the country. We are not playing games. We are in this election and we will not then start games of boycotting games. We will fight from within,” Sipepa Nkomo said.

PRC secretary-general, Gorden Moyo added: “PRC has no intention whatsoever to boycott elections. We are going to participate in those elections. We are aware that the playing field is not level but we are going to register and continue to register our displeasure and discomfort about the electoral playing field.”