13 July 2018
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BY DR MASIMBA MAVAZA| As usual the social media was abuzz with a clip of ED and obviously some  mischievous elements interpreting to mean that the president was being blasphemous and disrespecting God. In the clip the president said His government is doing and there is no government like his even in Heaven. This statement reflects a confident Leader. He did not say God’s government is inferior to the Zimbabwean government, he simply said they are not the same. This statement is tru, the government we have in Zimbabwe is not the same as the one in heaven. It is sad that people wanted to create a sin out of the words of confidence. Every leader is appointed by God. ED is leading on the mandate of the Almighty. If you do not believe that you are not a Christian the bible said clearly that all governments and Rulers are appointed by God. This is found in Romans 13.1 let everyone be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. There are 12 verses in the bible which shows us that leaders are appointed by God. Genesis 9.5-6 Daniel 2v 21. It is God who appoints Kings and leaders. Daniel 2v 37 God establishes kingdoms and how they are governed. Daniel 4v 17 God bestows whom he wishes. John 19v 11 , 1 Peter 2v13, 1Timoth 2v2, 1Peter 2v14. The bible tells us clearly that God is in charge. So when ED makes a reference of his government set up by God not to be like the one in heaven he has not lied. He has not committed blasphemy. It is the evil thinkers who wish a dreadful sin to be put upon the president.
Many leaders are plagued by an inner voice that questions whether they feel the confidence to meet challenges head on. However, detractors failed to notice when our self-confidence flags. What they in fact are evaluating is what they see—behaviour ED exhibits—and this behaviour can suggest to them that we have a healthy kind of confidence. They are typically unaware of how confident ED is they mistake the confidence for blasphemy. And when it comes to getting things done, His perceptions are a lot more relevant than how certain we feel inside. Much has been written about confidence, and most of it focuses on feelings of self-efficacy, but ED likens his government to the perfection of the highest order. He is trying to reach that level. The confidence displayed by ED shows how keen he is to achieve the best government for Zimbabwe. We wonder: “Am I capable? Can I do this? What if I fail?” But ED said his government has done it. He is fully aware that he cannot rule like God and he will never equate himself to God. Those praise singers who equate him to Jesus are just lost souls. Their praise singing does not mean ED agrees to it. To be successful, it’s important to “focus less on the impression you’re making on others and more on the impression you’re making on yourself.” But is this true when it comes to leadership?. Many leaders who .are highly confident are still viewed as very confident and highly effective, this is the confidence which oozed from ED on this clip. People see them as risk takers, decision makers and people who work in a reasonable and thoughtful way to move things forward. ED has simply journeyed in that direction and the detractors called it blasphemy. .. ED’s speech has shown great Substance Cultivated qualities of mature leadership that inspire commitment, inform action, and lead to above-and-beyond effort. The leadership with reference to the best brings out communicative leadership that build motivation and that shape and sustain performance. Practical Wisdom Highly honed qualities of insight and judgment that gets to the heart of issues and produce prudent decisions was the quality ED has displayed. . . Integrity acting with fidelity to one’s values and beliefs, living up to high standards of morality, veracity, and promise keeping has defined ED all along. Then to say he was blasphemous because he is proud of his God’s government is mischief. He understands he was appointed by God and he is proud of being associated with God’s government. Confidence Self-assured in decision making and action; ready to accept the risk and responsibility for taking timely action is all what ED has been saying even in Heaven it cannot be found. This means Heaven has more than this and then nowhere in heaven can you compare the earthly things. ED never did that and blackmailing him into a confession is a forced confession coming under duress. ED Intentionality Clarifies direction and keeps actions aligned and on track, all without stifling dissent or neglecting needs to adjust course. Concern Demonstrating interest in others, encouraging adaptive development, and promoting a healthy sustainable culture. Composure Steady in a crisis, able to calm and focus others, and to bring objectivity and perspective to critical decisions. Inclusiveness actively involves others, welcomes diverse points of view, encourages ownership in mission, and empowers initiative. ED has simply been a leader who knows what he wants and what he is doing. He is not a coward and cannot be placed in the same basket as blasphemers. Despite the hullabaloo about his statement ED has shown Restraint and calm disposition, characterized by reasonableness, and by avoidance of emotional extremes or impulsiveness. Resonance Connecting with others; attentive, attuned, and responsive to feelings, motivations, and thoughts; deepens alignment. . ED was ready to accept the responsibility for siding with his father in heaven and taking timely action.”.
The opposition through social media wanted to project ED in the eyes of others through observable behaviour which is not what he is.. A high level of self-confidence doesn’t necessarily mean others evaluate us as leaders who are incapable, many reasonable people have understood the meaning of the statement by the president and the noise doing the rounds is laughable. . . .
ED “Even under pressure is able to weigh options and act in a timely manner” • “Willing to take on the difficult issues without delay or avoidance. ED as an innovative leader scored higher than his less innovative counterparts in the opposition camp. • “.
Looking at the whole speech on the round the President never at any time equates himself to God. He is wiser than that. He knows he was created in the image of God and indeed he is God’s son so are we all. He praises his father in any way he finds necessary and in any way which pleases his father.
Zimbabwe is a Christian nation it saw the plans of the opposition who tried to portray ED as a blasphemous person. This is not the right way to campaign. Even if you are a pastor Chamisa do not use the name of God in vain. Nobody judged Chamisa when he lied that God told him that he was now going to be a leader. Nobody judged him for turning a rally into a church service or a church service into a rally. God is for us all and God is for Zimbabwe God is for ED also.
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