Welshman Ncube Says Nkosana Moyo Must Be A Mbanje Smoker
18 July 2018
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Welshman Ncube

MDC Alliance spokesperson, Welshman Ncube on Friday last week insinuated that some politicians in the country were suffering from cannabis effects.

Ncube was speaking in reference to Alliance for People’s Agenda leader Nkosana Moyo whom he said was contesting for the presidency without a single aspiring House of Assembly candidate.

Ncube made the remarks while addressing supporters in Hwange.

“To give you examples so that you see that in Zimbabwe we have a problem of mbanje, there is Nkosana. He wants to be a president. He is alone. He has no other candidate,” he said.

“Where will he appoint ministers from? In Parliament, who will vote for your laws? If you go to Parliament without MPs they will chase you away.”

He said it would be a waste of votes for the electorate to vote for such people and they should be wary of them.

Addressing guests at his party manifesto launch recently, Moyo said if he gets the presidency he will hold interviews for ministers based on their qualifications and will not make appointments.

“Zimbabwe has a lot of skilled people who can take up ministerial posts, but the problem is that it is impossible to identify them and know where all of them are,” he said.

“I will not appoint ministers, but our requirements will be that one needs to apply in order to get a ministerial post so that ministers are chosen on merit and not through appointments because what stops a President from appointing his relatives.”