Security Details Apply Force On Stubborn Member To Protect Chamisa
20 July 2018
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MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s security team on Wednesday had to use minimal force to stop a stubborn party member from interfering with his security set up.

Crispa Musoni was stopped from driving inside Chamisa’s motorcade by the security details after he insisted on wanting to meet with the opposition leader who had declared him as an unsanctioned candidate for the party for Gutu Central Constituency.

Musona was advised by the party to withdraw his candidature after the June 14 nomination court to pave way for Alliance partner candidate Ernest Mandigo from the Multi-Racial Christian Democrats, one of seven political parties in the MDC Alliance.

Chamisa had earlier paraded Mandigo as the Alliance candidate in a rally in Gutu promoting rage from Musona who tried to force audience with Chamisa at the end of the rally who would not entertain him in public. Musona then drove his car behind the opposition leader’s in the hope of getting his attention.

On reaching Chivhu with Musoni behind them, Chamisa’s security team stopped their vehicles and took Musoni out of his vehicle and threw his car keys into a thicket to stop him interfering with the motorcade.

Speaking to state media, Musoni sensationally accused Chamisa for ordering an attack on him by the security details.

“We both submitted our papers and continued campaigning. I only learnt that he had been made the official candidate ahead of me during the rally. After finishing addressing the rally, Mr Chamisa called Mr Mandigo to the podium and introduced him to the electorate. He dressed me down and I was shocked,” said Musoni.

“Being someone who has worked in that area for long and has high respect for the people there, I chose to do the wise thing, that is asking for an audience with the president through the party leadership. When he (Mr Chamisa) was about to come off the stage, I tried talking to him, but I was pushed away by the aides and they drove away, but because there was traffic, they could not speed off.”

Musoni said he went into his car and decided to follow Chamisa who was heading to Harare.

“The timing of this was painful and that is the reason why I wanted an audience with him,” he said. “I only wanted an explanation and I thought maybe he had some words and reasons that would ease my emotions.

“When we got to the T-junction in Chivhu, Chamisa’s crew stopped and blocked me. The other cars which were behind then arrived and I was encircled before they shouted at me saying I was mad. I told them I was not mad, but wanted to see the president,” Musoni told the media.

Musoni said the aides took away his car keys and threw them away before applying pepper spray on his eyes.

“I have not found the keys since then,” he said.

“I was only helped by a Good Samaritan, an apostle who was travelling with his fellow church members. They took me to the police station, but I told them to take me to hospital first because I did not know the type of chemical which was troubling me.

“At Chivhu hospital, they took close to an hour trying to clean my eyes and later referred me to Harare where I sought further treatment at the Avenues Clinic.”

The same media says that Chamisa’s spokesperson Dr Nkululeko Sibanda yesterday said the actions of the aides were in order as they wanted “to protect the president.”

“They have to do that if there is a security threat to the president,” he said. “You have to realise the issues that have been happening in the country, the bombing and so forth. I wouldn’t be surprised that our security is taking such measures.

“The security is cautious all the time, does what is best. That is within norm and would happen in any party.”