LIVE PICTURES- Litter At “Bin Man” Offices- What Is Going On?
21 July 2018
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By Own Correspondent Uncollected rubbish was spotted for several days at the corner of third street opposite Causeway Post office in Harare, a stone’s throw away from Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa’s offices.

Chinamasa hit the headlines last month when he officially opened a bin in Rusape, Makoni Central, where he is seeking for another mandate as legislator.

Said Chinamasa following social media jokes including the “Chinamasa Challenge” which emanated from the bin ceremony in Rusape:

“I am not ashamed of being part of making Rusape, which falls under my Makoni Central Constituency clean.

I am actually very proud of what we are doing to make our town clean. I am the MP for the constituency so I should be there to address local issues and making Rusape clean is one of the issues.

Social media is actually highlighting our strides towards cleanliness. It (social media) is highlighting an important thing which should be emulated by other towns.

Vendors were throwing rubbish next to where they conduct business from. It is a clear health hazard so those bins are important.

I urged council to introduce those big bins at sources where rubbish was coming from and we are proud as a constituency that we have achieved that.”

Patrick Chinamasa officially opening a bin in Rusape