Man Fakes DNA Results
21 July 2018
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Mr Allen Taruvinga
A Chipinge man is in trouble after he allegedly forged paternity test results in a bid to avoid looking after his minor child.

Allen Taruvinga has a 15-year-old son with his now deceased baby mama Linda Dzika and since the child was born, he has been denying paternity of the child.

Few weeks ago, a paternity test was conducted and instead of presenting the correct document to his in-laws, Allen allegedly connived with one of his relatives and presented a forged document.

Linda’s uncle, Ainden Mapuranga has since lodged a complaint at Harare Central Police Station under case number IR-0708896 against Allen accusing him of forgery.

Terrence said Allen’s relative was the one who took the fake document to their house. “Before my niece passed away, she had told us that Allen was the father of the child.

“However, he has not been assisting in looking after the child and for the past 15 years it’s us who have been doing everything for the child.

“We tried to engage him (Allen) when Linda was still alive but would deny paternity of the child.

“Our issue was not for him to get back with Linda, we only wanted him to take care of his child but he kept on denying being the father.

“His cousin came with the fake results to our house and after I saw the document I was not convinced that it was real then I went to the DNA company and they confirmed it wasn’t real and then gave us the real document,” he said.- state media/H Metro