Zim Female Pilot Literally Flies Into Music, Offloads Brand New Smashing Track: “Ndinecha”
25 October 2018
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By Ndaba Nhuku| Even aeroplane pilots are brilliant musicians!


Thandekah Chitombo, 25 years old, is the only daughter of Anna Fraser and Luxmore Chitombo. Thandekah was born in Kadoma but grew up in the City of Kings and Queens, Bulawayo, where she did most of her primary and secondary education. Thandekah is one of the few women in Africa who hold a pilot’s license. She has PPL (Private Pilot Licence) at Guthrie Aviation. She also has a Political Sciences and International Relations degree from UNISA. Other than the love for flying planes, her greatest passion is in music. Thandekah is a Jazz Afro artist who also has has more upcoming tracks that entertain all age groups.

Among those who inspired her musical career, at the top sits none other than our very own icons, Oliver Mutukudzi and the late Chiwoniso Maraire.

Thandekah’s first smashing track, Ndinecha, is proof of things yet to come. “Ndinecha” means “scared” in the Korekore language which is one of the Shona dialects spoken in Zimbabwe. The romantic track, Ndinecha, was recorded and produced by Mono Mukundu. The video was produced by Tom Condon who is based in USA, with Blackol Productions directing it.

Besides her unparalleled love for South Africa, her new home that has nursed her musical career, and Bulawayo her real that was the foundation of who she is now, she is very proud of Kadoma which also had an impact in her life. Thandekah would one day love to go and have shows in the city of her birth, Kadoma, where she was born and did her early primary education at Sir John Kennedy whilst staying with her grandmother. The City of Kings and Queens, uBulawayo was later to claim her as she continued with her primary education at Baines Junior School before proceeding to the Elite Private School. Today, she is the proud product of the City of Bulawayo’s various musical and cultural groups that are based in South Africa. With your support, Thandekah is already one of the best Jazz Afro female musicians to watch for.