“I Have Performed More Miracles Than Jesus Christ,” Ghanaian Prophet
20 April 2019
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Correspondent|During His earthly Ministry, Jesus Christ performed Miracles by touching, healing, and transforming countless live. However, Bishop Daniel Obinim has revealed  that he has perform more miracles than Jesus Christ and all the prophets in the Bible.

While there are many explanations for what a miracle is, it can probably all agree that the word “miracle” describes an event that occurs outside the bounds of natural law, and which is beneficial in its result. According to the founder and leader of, International God’s Way Church, he has performed lots of angelic and spiritual things that beats the canal mind or are mind bubbling.

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Bishop Obinim revealed that Jesus Christ only transformed himself three times and He(Jesus) said his followers will do more than he did because his life was short lived on Earth.

The outspoken prophet emphasized that no Prophet in the Bible has done miraculous things that he has been able to do because they all had different directions or path.

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He further disclosed that the miracles he has performed for so many years are more than the miracles performed by Jesus Christ and any other Prophet in the Bible.

Jesus said ‘the Miracles am performing, the wonders and the signs; Those who believe in me, you can perform more than that’.Jesus was making reference to this that he didn’t have enough time so he curtailed his time.

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He worked for about 3 and a half years then he left but those of us now we have more time. I Angel Obinim, I have worked for so many years more than that of my father and the miracles, the angelic performances, the wonders and signs that I have performed; they are countless because I have enough time.” Obinim said this in a sermon at the Kumasi branch of his Church.

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